Very poor coding and servers


I prefer playing with a lower rated team, especially if I know the players well in real life, cause when I play a game I know I have to focus a bit more. If I just play with good players I always think “at some point my agüero will surely score a goal” or I try stupid dribblings cause the players have high dribbling. So I don’t think its something on EA’s fault that makes you lose games with good teams, but its a psychological phenomena.

As said above the top players, well the majority of them have the most stacked teams. These are people who bronze bench and use all the tricks. If they genuinely thought Musa was better in game than Ronaldo etc then that’s what they would do.

I tend to get better results with lower rated players than my main team. I think it’s more peoples mentality when they see a top team they switch on try hard mode whereby anything goes for example I had a guy time wasting in the 50th minute the other day as he was 1-0 up.

You stick Musa, Martial and Shaqiri up front against anyone they’re not going to want to admit they’d PTB to beat that sort of team. But Lewi, Reus and SBC Costa they’ll sit on PTB all day and night to get anything out of the game they can.

This along with the fact that if I get paired against a super team it makes me focus more when playing, I’d imagine that’s the same for other players nothing better than beating a team costing millions with cheap golds!

Didn’t Huge Gorilla play Bateson with the worst bronze squad against a high rated team and still did well against someone who finishes elite one most weeks…Even Huge Gorilla doesn’t like including all special cards in his squad, he has 3 or 4 at most then bronze benches. There is obviously something wrong if the so called ‘best player in the world’ is doing this.

I think it will work as long as you have guys that do the dirty defensive work on the midfield, guys like Makelele – the one that wend and Real failed after ( Busquets or Casemiro nowadays) But if every midfielders is a goal scoring star it will fail.

To lower the team rating so they don’t come up against 88 rated squads and such. Thing is, basically everybody does it, so it’s counterproductive. I rather come up against someone with a 88 rated squad as those are usually bad players who can’t even properly use their Neymar, Bale, Messi etc.

Thats not entirely correct. The higher your team rating the more the BS you will feel in game, players feel sluggish, get outpaced by slower men, shots going off traget, stuck in the mud and dont make runs..thats just the beginning.

It’s not because of the players being high rated, it’s because of the lag. There are games where your players pass like bronze players, they will overrun balls because their “hitbox” won’t register with ball, you can’t tackle, your players will leave their position and literally every rebound will end up with your opponent. Very poor coding and servers.

Real bought Bale, James Rodriguez, they wanted to buy Suarez, Neymar also- couldn’t compete with Barca, They bought back Morata, that basically eliminated them in 2015 Champions League. But let’s face it, anybody pales next to Ronaldo when he is in that team. Who is that super duper striker? Bring back Higuain (Juve payed 90m euros for him).

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