There should be modes for FIFA player ratings

It’s hard to explain but there should be cups in FUT that only allow users to use players with ratings below 84, below 78, etc.

That way I can get a fair game when using my bronze and silver players. Because look, bronze and silver players are useless in FUT15 if you want to win divisions. If there was a rating cap on some of the cups, then I can put up a fight with my bronze and silver players. Right now when I try to play regular divisions with my bronze and silver team, I come up against insane squads back to back I swear I’ve been coming up again IF Messi along with a bunch of blue cards and stuff. It’s crazy.

This game was really good back in FUT12 and maybe FUT13 because you could actually use bronze and silvers, but now it’s useless.

And yeah there is the bronze cup, but literally NO ONE uses that. I think since the release date of this game from back in september, ive only had one match in the bronze cup, every time I try joining there’s no one.

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