GONTH you spend so much money opening packs and I swear you won’t even gonna play the fucking game with that Iniesta and Boateng. You’re such a waste man.

honestly your so retarded. discarding players that sell. shows your special. Just stop making videos because they are shit and you hardly upload anyway. money whore.

Why are you even a FIFA youtuber when you don’t fucking play. You spend money on Fifa points then open packs, then sell players. A pretty shit boring and cancerous way to make videos.

What is the point of spending a load shit of money opening packs and not playing the fucking game? 0 wins, 0 draws, 0 loses like wtf does this guy even play fifa?

I’m still on Fifa 16 but when he opened one of his sick packs i packed 87 inform handanovic and he sells for his max price and it was from a freaking gold pack!

if you want to have a cheaper console with better deals, definitly go for xbox one (or s) they have good deals where you can save some money to buy other games (or something else) The controller is also easier to handle in my opinion. They have much space to download games. Conclusion.

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