Welcome to my FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Packed Out series, it’s essentially a FIFA 16 Road to Glory series in which I try to make my way to Division 1 in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team without using FIFA Points or buying any players from the FIFA 16 Transfer Market.

In leagues 10-7 get premium bronze packs for avoiding relegation and getting promotion and the title. Then for leagues 6-4 get premium silver packs and finally for leagues 3-1 get premium gold packs because you will not be able to afford gold packs by just playing games and you’ll never get a team good enough to complete the series by just getting coins from games.

You should do this: Every Time you lose you should discard a 7,500 coin pack, when you draw you get a 5,000 coin pack, when you win you get a 7,500 coin pack, when you get relegated you have to discard 3 7,500 coin packs, when you promote you get 2 7,500 coin packs and when you win the title you get 3 7,500 coins packs.

Maybe add something like challenges to each episode that is chosen before by the most liked comment for the previous video. So for example, you could have about 3 challenges per episode to fulfil to get a reward (maybe a gold pack or premium gold or bronze for Divs 10-8, silver for Divs 7-4 and gold for Divs 3-1). If you complete the three challenges in the episode than you can get the pack, and only than too. Challenges for example could be: Score a hat trick with a player in a game, Win both games by 3 goals or more and maybe Score in the 90th minute of the game. Hope you like the idea Josh!

your should open the free packs because it would be a level playing field against players like Di Maria and David Seaman and it would make the episodes very enjoyable and leading to more coins per game to open packs and get better players after your loan legend expires.

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