You can buy points with credit card, giving real money. You can earn coins by playing games in ultimate team, and whe nyou open packs, you can quick sell some players and things and get back some coins.So, you give points to open pack, quick sell/discard players, and you get coins.

How in the world does he have 11 million coins and 450k something points? Im still stuck with 30k coins. Is there like a coins cheat or something or are these guys just using money to buy points?

This was at an EA event before the game was released. These were accounts preloaded with coins/points for these guys to use. They don’t get to keep these accounts after the game has come out.

how tf does someone get soo lucky I spent rea money all of the money I had on fifa points bought packs the promo ones I didn’t even get 1 walkout and the best player I got was a 78 rated walkout I bought 9200 fifa points.