Hypothetical TOTS Dream team Squad Builders. Which ones better?

Arguably ever single player on both of these squads have a CHANCE at getting a TOTS. Not saying that they will. But that is why it’s called a Dream Team squad Builder. The Team I am using currently is Team 1. But once TOTS comes around just curious which team you like better? I have around 16 million so I want to deck either of these teams out.

Team 1- Current Team

Hoping to have the TOTS Version’s of every player on this team besides Ronaldo and Courtois. Only one that possibly might not get on in my opinion is James as he is out for several months but had a great start to the year and Zabaleta. But if he gets a TOTS he will be the best RB in the game. Already one of my favorites.

Team 2

In this formation i’m torn because I feel like the Tri-o of Vidal, Chielleni, and Lichsteiner is ARGUABLY better than Yaya, Kompany, and Zabaleta. I’m highlighting arguably because it’s debatable for sure. If i chose this team I hope to get everyone TOTS or highest IF Card besides Ronaldo. This team however is solely dependent on either Casillas or Buffon receiving a TOTS card to put in the GK position. Both of there normal cards I do not rate and refuse to use.

Especially you fellow seasoned veteran of FUT after looking at these 2 teams and have a general understanding of what roughly what these players TOTS cards will look like which team do you prefer?

Team 1 or 2?