Pugz you need to make an effort to get that hernadez card

So it’s back once again for FIFA 17 – huge thanks to everyone that participated in last years thread that reached over half a million views and just over 33,000 comments. Hopefully the thread helped trade, play and experience the legends in FIFA 16 and will go some way towards achieving the same in FIFA 17.

Get involved, get your reviews in and please help each other as much as possible with getting players for certain prices and adding advice. Hope we have another great year and I do hope that some legends have been looked at but will update when we see the full database!!

Pugz you need to make an effort to get that hernadez card on your stream, what you think of that 92 pace on him? he is going to be nice. stream would like to see him in action. And if you could mix a few Brazilians in there now were talkin lol.

His work rate, and ability on the ball this year were not good enough for a full back, imo. A player like Marcelo, Brehme, Carlos etc will all be better than him if he is left as he is.

Í had a full legend team and I think only Petit will be a good option for my new team. With so many good defenders I don’t think Puyol will stand out. Ferdinand will be very expensive because he is a new legend but I still think Maldini will be better.

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