Most ISP’s modems are now duel modem and wireless routers

Same issue, freezes after not finding and oponent in fut. I just want to point out, that nothing has changed for me since the update, my matchmaking sucess rate is about the same as before. But now each time unsucesfull connection freezes the game, and it’s a headache.

I even tried to search only for eg. 15 seconds, then cancel the connection search (it works until some period, 30-60 seconds), and then tried again over and over, but not with any significant results. Been able to find a oponent once a while, but I’m kind of fed up now. Now I pretty much just play single player seasons in FUT and online friendlies, with buddies.

I can almost guarantee that most of you having this problem is because of Double NAT, not open, moderate or restricted NAT types. Just make sure that your ISP-provided modem is in bridge mode. As I said before, most ISP’s modems are now duel modem and wireless routers. It needs to be in bridge mode (modem functions only) and not interfering with your main router because of it sending out a wireless signal.


I fixed this last week, have been the home team in every game, and have found games in every online mode since I did it. I don’t find games in bronze or silver tourneys, but that’s because no one is playing these at night in the US.

According to my settings I’m at a NAT type 2. I do find opponents after an average of 5 tries so my connections is not stopping me from finding matches at all. Still, in Fifa15 I get instant matches where on 16 I have trouble finding them and 90% are Saudi Arabians.

Me the same, Found three games last night no problem, last one he rage quit down 2-0 after 15 minutes. then spent about an two hours unsuccessfully trying to find opponents, couple of console restarts made no difference. Like schweini I await to see what happens today….

I’ve bought the PS4 2 days ago for playing my lovely fifa 2016 which i’ve been playing since 2004 series. I’m trying to find the opponent 3 days in a row!! what the heck is going on EA???? I’m completely pissed off! i have a NAT 2 and in pro clubs there is no problem to play! I have a beast internet but rly EA, no solution for the mass problem for 3 months.

I’ve tried so many thing that forums suggest to do but nothing works! other games like UFC work fine! This is disgusting, they do the same game with a bit of changing every year and we ignore it buying a game to deal with this crap!

If I had to guess, I’d say there are far less people playing now than this time last year. Many, many people have stopped playing. Now with the patch, a few of those people might return, such as myself.

Ok I think I have found a fix for this.Try switching around the players in your squad .Like move your CDM to CB and LB to LM and then switch them back and search again.It seems to be working for me.Let me know if it works for you guys too.

Once my rep was bad couldnt find any match so had to get friends profiles to like to bump it back up. The other nat type was strict. Easy fix. Just do connection test on xbox pressed and held all 4 trigger bumpers then changed to open.

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