“Lightning in a Bottle” A mini-guide to today’s FUT 15 FUTMAS pack promotion

As many know, today’s FUT 15 FUTMAS promotion finale will consist of one of the few user-liked pack promotions of the year. Four (4) “Lightning Rounds” of packs will be released every two hours, and instead of having a set limit on the amount of packs you can buy, it’s “first come, first served,” meaning, when one of the rounds is, for instance, the sometimes heralded “100k Jumbo Player Pack,” you realistically could open up ten or more of these packs. At no other time during the year (except a possible Lightning Round repeat promotion much later in the season) can one buy more than two (but usually one) 100k gold player jumbo pack.

FUT 15 FUTMAS 25k Rare Gold & 15k Pack Offer (Day 15) - FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

There are a few reasons why today could actually be a fun day to open packs:

For those making YouTube videos or streaming live on Twitch, opening a bunch of the “best of the best” FUT packs that EA has to offer will most surely create a buzz-worthy attraction
For those “packaholics” that open packs year round, hoping to land a top name like Messi or Renaldo, you will have no better chance, at least odds-wise, than today
This week’s Team of the Week (TOTW) is extremely Premier League heavy. If EPL in-forms (such as Wayne Rooney, Hugo Lloris, or the more-than-bizarre Ashley Young fullback card) tickle your fancy, there is a decent chance you will land one or more of them today in the Jumbo Pack lightning round
If you do want to splurge on FUT packs today, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Of the four rounds, only one is usually the 100k pack offering we’ve spoke about. Make sure to pass on any other type of packs if your endgame is to open the Gold Player Jumbos. These packs, while by no means good investments on the whole, are the best type of packs that EA offers. While many feel these are “the best of the worst,” they can be exciting at times, and when you open several, its not rare to see some packs with multiple in-forms
If your plan is to try and open as many of the 100k packs as possible, DON’T SPEND TIME LOOKING OVER THE PACK CONTENTS SLOWLY! There are a limited number available, so open the pack, send all the cards to your club, and then head to the next pack to open. There will be time to review your “hits” when the pack is sold out five minutes later!
Get FIFA points/coins ahead of time, so you’re not cutting it close by leaving this to the last minute
And finally, some “big picture” words of wisdom!!

The most coveted of all FUT cards, the extreme-upgrade blue Team of the Year cards will be out in the next few weeks. If there ever was a time to save up your hard earned money and open packs, it is when the TOTY cards can be packed.
There WILL be a “market crash” of a decent size deriving from today’s pack offerings. While many will be tempted to pick up some coveted players at reduced prices, remember- the BIG crash will soon follow- when the aforementioned TOTY content drops. Wait until then to see REAL rock bottom pricing.
Packs, on the whole, are never sure-things, and on average you won’t come close to reaching an ROI of the coin price of the pack, and that applies to ALL packs, even the attractive “100k Jumbos.” Have fun with the promotion finale today. Make sure if you’re going to open a lot of packs, that you have extra money to spend, and that you can afford “losing” if the pack contents don’t pan out like you wish they would have. If you’re spending rent, food, or utility bill money on these packs, well you need to contact Gambler’s Anonymous at http://www.gamblersanonymous.org/ga/ And while most will get a chuckle out of this, the reality is, this IS a form of legalized gambling to some degree, and I personally know more than few people that have put themselves in difficult money situations by chasing the top valued players by opening packs excessively. And just remember- just like in any casino- “The House” ALWAYS wins. Have a great 2015 everyone!!

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