It’s definitely worth looking into a United defender


It’s definitely worth looking into a United defender, given Mourinho has taken charge. Even under van Gaal they had a very good defensive record. However, it’s hard to say who will start. The safe bet is Shaw, he gives you assist potential and with that, bonus points potential for 1-0 wins.

As for Fonte, I’d wait to see how Southampton are under Puel – they got off to a terribad start last year, conceding 5 to Newcastle and Everton alone (that Everton game was a massacre). If you really want a Southampton defender, van Dijk is a higher goal threat for the same price.

Slightly biased but I think Austin or Long will be good value strikers at £6.5m (we’ll have to wait and see which one starts, Austin’s not played in 2016 due to injury).

In terms of premium strikers, Agüero is a must, much like the past two seasons (50 goals in 63 league appearances in that time). I wouldn’t even say he was that consistent in 2015/16, there were times where he went 3/4/5 games without scoring which isn’t ideal for the most expensive player in FPL. However, it’s always risky to not captain (let alone not pick) Agüero when City play against bottom half teams…I found this out the hard way by captaining Payet instead of Agüero when he notched 5 against Newcastle last season.

Finally sat down and spent a bit of time picking a first draft. I’m a little concerned about Spurs’ early fixtures and how they’ll perform given how many of their players went to the Euros…maybe I’ll switch Eriksen out for Firmino and then replace Sturridge with a different premium striker.

The problem, or at least my thought process in this situation was the fact that Bournemouth play attacking football – I have no idea how Southampton are going to shape up under Puel, both attacking wise and defensively.

That said, Wilson is more of a placeholder for a value rotation striker. 3-4-3 is generally my preferred formation, but after last season where there were very few consistent strikers and the abysmal Euros, I’m open to playing more defenders on a regular basis. Obviously we’ll have to see how the season pans out.

I’d like to see who else Burnley sign, mostly in midfield, before putting any stock into them. That said, he could be similar to Ings of two years ago. Ings and Austin were two incredibly good value strikers as they grabbed all of the goals in two failing sides.

I wonder if they’ll stick to 4-4-2 with Vokes and Gray like they did in the Championship, cause it seems Gray thrived off playing with another man up top.

This is where I’m at so far. I defiantly want the starting Saints striker, whether it’s Long/Austin whoever, 6.5 is great value. Not really sure what 5.5 mid to go for, have Fischer there at the minute but Tore or Feghouli could be a decent shout but it depends which gets the starting role.

I updated my draft. It appears Stoke are a bit of a forgotten team, but having looked at their squad, pretty much all of their players are cheap. Apparently they’ve bid £20m on Berahino, and while I don’t necessarily think he’s worth the coin, they really lacked a striker last season. For now I’ve put Bojan in as a placeholder. I’d love to keep Eriksen but I’m not sure how Spurs will fair early on.

I’d argue Spurs at home isn’t a terrible game. All four of their starting defenders played in the knockout stages of the Euros…and that was off the back of Spurs’ 2013901238129038912 game season last year. If Everton can grab someone like Mata or a non-fraud winger then I’m sold.

Initially I really wanted another £4.5m keeper + Hull’s Robertson who I rate as a player, but for now I think it’s sensible to take Jakupovic + a different £4.5m defender in order to save £0.5m for elsewhere (for example, the quality of forwards below £6.5m really drops off).

Mata would be a good way to save cash if he does go to Everton, 7.5 is good value. I like Tadic’s prospects as well but I’m not feeling a double up in attack, especially with the new manager, just yet.

At 5.5 the options I can see are Fischer, Gradel/Ibe and Tore/Feghouli. The West Ham one I’m interested in as its a cheap way to get into there team especially with Payets price and the lack of a top tier striker. Carroll did decent for them towards the end of last season but I don’t think I’d trust him all the time .

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