It doesnt show in the normal player lineup

You can change as much as you want between now and the games on Saturday. You can have a max of 3 from a team. Personally, I like to have 1 bench player I could play in a pinch, and I generally go for low cost options for the others.

The big thing with your bench is having capable options when your starters have poor matchups, or players that can substitute in should your “starter” not truly start. If players in your lineup don’t start they will be subbed for your bench players in the order selected. Some people like loading up and having a thin bench, whereas some prefer some decent bench options.


One of your first teamers might get injured or suspended for a week and they’ll get automatically put in if you don’t change them. So put who you think is your best sub as first sub (next to the goalkeeper on the bench).

There is no myth, he’s a very talented English striker. It’s quite hypocritical to take jabs at Chelsea fans for hyping up Ruben when all you ever see is UTD and Pool fans blowing their load over young players.

The people that will be top after the weekend wont be because of the obvious players. It’ll be because some randoms scored when nobody expects it. They were just in the team because you ran out of money lol.

Anywhere between 40 – 50 is usually a pretty decent score as an average, but won’t happen every week. You’ll have good weeks and bad weeks, you will learn the average amount of points people earn over the first couple of game weeks.

I didn’t threat you…you threatened me bud. The fact you’ve been on this forum for as long as you have and don’t know anything about me is slightly odd. Most people know how old I am…etc etc etc. Judging by your frustration at all times with this game or your kids…Im guessing me saying you have a temper is not out of line.

No. It doesnt show in the normal player lineup…scroll down and click the fixture. . It will expand and say who scored etc…then below that is says bonus points system and lists 4 to 6 players who have some amount of bonus points…what is that?

I’m on 19 points atm thx to making Mahrez captain. I forgot to check the game for about a week and left butland,Coleman and lukaku in which has screwed me lol. I have bellerin,martial,Costa and Wilson left hopefully they get me something.

Was originally counting on them to get the cleansheet bonus very often, given Conte and his play-style (that way the price to point ratio would be great). But, as you haven’t signed a new CB and/or RB, things don’t look so good.

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