Is EA Access a Good Deal?

So is EA Access a good deal? Should Xbox One owners rush to their console to pick up a subscription to play Electronic Arts’ selection of games for $4.99?


EA Access has a lot of extras that sound great if you’re looking for a new loyalty program, that blanket 10% off digital video games will definitely save subscribers some money if they’re big fans of Electronic Arts’ video games. Users who purchase a brand new Electronic Arts Xbox One title a month will break even on that first game, saving $6 off a $60 purchase. Of course, users will need to buy new games at full price every month to really make this perk of EA Access alone worth $4.99 a month. It’s also worth noting that potential EA Access subscribers should consider what getting access to Electronic Arts’ games five days early is worth to them.

One issue worth noting is EA’s sudden about face with adding all games. For a while every game that it released came to EA Access. Additionally, they were all eligible for the purchase discount. Titanfall 2 shattered that tradition. It won’t be available through EA Access for trial. Worse, discounts won’t apply to it either. That’s definitely a step in the wrong direction.

Deals and loyalty stuff aside, EA Access is all about making digital video game rentals more palatable. I’m sure that Electronic Arts is petting that EA Access is a gateway drug, that people who subscribe will slowly begin to appreciate the convenience of digital game downloads. Forget spending a lot of money to buy a physical copy that you’ll sell in a few months time anyway, just purchase a subscription and download the games you want to play.

Is EA Access Worth Buying?

Whether EA Access is worth subscribing to depends on how users answer a few questions.

Do you play games made by Electronic Arts often? Yes, than that’s a point towards getting the service. Are you fine with games disappearing if you stop paying? No, then don’t get the service. The biggest question you have to consider is whether you trust Electronic Arts to add more games to The Vault on an ongoing basis. The service launched in 2014 with a pretty slim roster of games. It’s blossomed since then, proving Electronic Arts is committed to keeping the service alive and enticing.

EA Access is worth buying, even if you just want to try out a game for a single month. $4.99 is a small price to pay for easy access to great sports titles and games that haven’t come out yet.

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