Hopefully EA will notice this and actually do it for their next game

In MY opinion ratings are useless in the game; Players could be 80+ but still they control, pass, shoot like total idiots. While some players aren’t even close to the 70+ mark and play like they’ve got talent within them via game. Everyday there is an upcoming star that everyone’s after, maybe removing the ratings would make it a bit more realistic and more interesting. People tend to go after players that are above 80+ overall, knowing that they’re supposed to be great players.. But i think that’s stupid as there are over 1000 players on the game that are not acknowledged due to they low ratings EA give them.

Hopefully EA will notice this and actually do it for their next game..

An example of this is Dele Alli, no one knew who he was or how good he would be until EA upped his potential and overall.. and maybe a bit of in real life for those who actually watch the Barclays Premier League like myself.
Another example is Renato Sanches, who would’ve expected this young man to be a superstar? Its not like he had the “76” overall pasted on his back at Benfica before his move to Bayern.. People have already started to compare him to Cristiano Ronaldo as the future of Portugal, thou merely 18 years old.

There are so many stars around the world that no one knows how far and how good they will be, so why should EA put a limit on a player.. Just let them play as they are, if the player plays good with them let them have a “Harry Kane season” and rise to fame. Let them have a Jamie Vardy moment, scoring x amount of goals in one season, let them fight to be acknowledged by big clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and my dear love.. Arsenal

In all, I’m just saying that the rating and potential system should be removed and people should just go off their guts and have faith in players. If Manchester United had gone with their faith in Paul Pogba they wouldn’t have to bid 100 million back for the player who left on a free transfer.

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