If you guys can find a higher rated squad and bench using concept squads feel free to tweet me it  Futwiz, Futhead ones arnt correct so ill only be looking at concept squads.

Try to Make Lewandowski CDM and then Use him at left CB and them swap the 93 rated with a 94 and then you can get it to 197, and if you can’t get full chem with that team, then give your manager a new league like bundesliga, cuz he will stil give Ronaldo chem.

get a app called fut 16 draft simulator for fut 16 in left striker get Pele in right striker get suarez 98 in lm get neymar 97 in rm get 99 Messi in cam get bale 93 rcm inesta 95 in lcm modric 93 then the same defence and GK do the bottom row the same reserves as you done and add on 99 Ronaldo at the end and do the same subs and then order the highest rated players at the start and lowest at the bottom and that.

You obviously haven’t played UT enough to realize that you don’t need players on full Chem for them to play well. You can play them out of position, in fact it’s pretty smart to play people like Bale or Ronaldo at CM(rm card). The video never said every player had to be on full chemistry. It’s got 100 Chem, and that’s all that matters. Quit being stupid now, k?

It wouldn’t be 100 chem because Suarez and Neymar would go down to 7 and everyone else would stay the same which would put the squad around 94/95 chem.

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