fifa15books : PES 2016 gives you an amazing gaming experience

PES 2016 gives you an amazing gaming experience


You might have played E3 2015 and have an overwhelming feeling. But, with the introduction of PES 2015, you will have the opportunity of experiencing the smooth game play and also have a crisp graphics that impresses most players. Later, Konami has emphasized on the new release of PES 2016 which has become the prime focus of this year. The soccer game has touched the lives of numerous game enthusiasts who have an interest on investing a good amount of time on their Playstation. Football players often bet online with real money after finding a serious online casino on sites like


PES has reached its height

PES 2016


The Pro Evolution Soccer series found to have reached its peak and has offered football simulation that can easily capture the emotions of beautiful game. It gives complete freedom to creativity when it comes to controlling of team. Once you start playing the game, it appears to be quite easy to accomplish more dribbles along with players who have a good skill set.

Graphics has been improved and engines are highly advanced. Pro Evolution has never recaptured its PS2 form. Most of the online game players compare FIFA with PES 2016. FIFA may turn out to be an excellent game, but it does not offer the level of satisfaction that PES has. Celebrations have also been extended and can expect to celebrate and enjoy in different fashion once you score.


Things you should be aware of

PES 2016

There are few things that you should know about PES 2016:

  • Powered by same engine as that of Metal Gear Solid V
  • The game is powered by FOX engine and so it gives a highly detailed look to the game. Ranging from blades of grass to the sweat, everything appears to be real. There is no need to have a minute observation, as it can act as visual fidelity. Only 50% of Fox engine is found in the game and so it leaves people wondering what would happen to the level of game where it would completely built on it.

  • The User interface would not allow you to shoot
  • You might have encountered that the last few PES games launched comes with poor menus and icons that can manage the team task. The changes in PES 2016 come with a completely new and latest interface. The smart adoption of colors and maintaining transparencies can surely attract attention of players. The PES 2016 seems to have a new menu highlights and fonts that have changed the overall appearance.

  • Import of images
  • With the help of PES 2016, it is convenient for PS4 users to easily import the customized kit that can fit. The Konami is still on the decision making phase on how to properly function this concept.


Features of the game

PES 2016

Collisions have widely improved and allows in aerial battles. The Master League system has been found revamped that comes on single player as well as slicker game player. Dynamic weather, visual impressions and improved ball physics are few things that you can encounter while playing the game. The faster reaction time can be witnessed that can give a real like feeling to online players.


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