Bayern v arsenal sbc! (marquee matchups) – FIFA17 Ultimate Team

Didn’t expect this MM but all helps, packs weren’t the best for me but can’t complain. I got Miranda as best player. All 4 routes super easy in all honesty, end of the day these are what we want for sure I was delighted my MM investing as always proved useful for this.

The thing is if you payed for all the players it would cost you about 45k and from the packs I reckon you got no more the 30k back, I know the pack to buy from the store is more but really you’ve lost 10k to complete the challenge. A sbc when you’re losing 10k or so is fine as long as you get something out of it, i.e. a player for example. But the marquee matchups never seen worth it.

If you had sold every player you’d put into the squad and cleared out any other relevant ones you could be a hundred thousand coins to the good, but I realise this wasn’t the rtg and you’re trying to complete the game to the full. I think ea should rethink marquee matchups, i.e. let bronzes be more a part of it and more untradeable packs. Seems like that would be better for everyone. Also could solve the fitness and injury card crisis.

Hey nep do u think dele Alli (POTM) would be a good striker with a hunter as he has good physical, good shot and good pace and height doesn’t matter. And if this gets mentioned on vid please don’t say my name please.

if someone has any coins to spare on xbox one please can you buy my player,Who’s got 10k free on Xbox FIFA 17 al najrani 63 rated right midfielder start price is 7800 and the buy now is 10,000 coins.Please!2 days and 23 hours left.

Legend in 100K toty packs

The funny thing is with OP chem styles this year there’s no real reason for TOTY apart from bragging rights. If you’re playing fut champions weekly you’ll have the coins for pretty much the most effective/best team with the right chem. I’m using Elmartix 41212(2) custom tactic and went from gold 2 to elite 1 every week and have 5M now. It’s much more important to understand tactics and formation than using the highest rated players.

its money he could of used to ake another video or open more packs and some people dont have that? its like watching someone bin a bottle of water when youre thristy.

I love pack opening season. I never spend anything on them, I just love it when people flood the market with players they don’t use because prices go down and you can get some decent bargains.

The Toty is basically a toty bbva… I think they should make it different next year, yes its cool to get a iniesta or something but i have a premier league/Serie A team so i cant do shit this year. The toty is just a popularity challenge, they should’ve definetly put kante in this year. Ah well its still EA.

The money EA take in for these packs on this time of year is probably more than the launch of the game. Absolutely disgusting and not worth it based on the probability of getting the blue cards. You just spent at least £500 and got nothing pretty much because you didn’t get a blue card.

IFA 17 Speed Test: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lionel Messi

He is not that good in passing, acceleration, ball controll, dribbling, free kicks and even skills. Why 5 stars? There are a lot more skillfull players. Ronaldo Skills irl are stepovers, ronaldo chop, cuts and just sometimes roulette and Rabona. Look at players like Neymar, Douglas Costa, Coutinho, Di Maria or Isco… they are more skillfull but lack in athletic abilities compared to CR7… Fifa get your facts straight…

Messi focuses on passing and playmaking more so thirs no need to prove how fast he is because hes very fast he just dosent sprint like how he was when he was younger so dont downgrade him and “lookdown” on him! He deserves way better stats! And if i was to keep on going about his passing and physic i would type essays but i already know that only smart people will understand so i dont need to waste time!

Well then yeah, obviously. Many center backs have better passing accuracy overall. I think the best passer should go to the one doing under pressure and setting up the goals i.e Messi. Rather than Koscielny for Arsenal, who has nearly perfect passing accuracy, but is basically just passing it from side to side.

messi is better than ibharhimovic, neymar, iniesta etc. but not better than ronaldo and thats the truth many of u say that ronaldo gets compared with messi and messi gets compared with pele but actually it is opposite ronaldo himself said that I respect everyone’s opinions about me and messi but in my opinion I am always the best and I think that should be the spirit of all.

Bruh the only things Messi is better at is Passing and dribbling everything else Ronaldo is better at. But being successful with your club and with individual awards, I reckon Messi has done much better (expect for Argentina of course) so it is hard to call.

FIFA 17 Vs PES 17: Penalty Kicks

I feel like the biggest issue for PES are the licenses.They make no attempt to mimic actual one. If I cant use Barcelona, I’ll use Barfalona, no Chelsea? How about Chelskea with a badge that resembles but not the real one.Other than that, it’s a unique game in its own way.

FIFA and Pes is like iphone vs android. Iphone is a huge amount of marketing,nice cover and look. But clever people who want to get everything from a smartphone (or play football,not an arcade) – will choose android.

fifa is the same wack game play all the time i have bought pes and im happy with it i only played fifa when i got my xbox one and got fifa 14 i thought its ok ive been a pes fan up to 12 which i thought was shocking stopped playing football games for a long time but its prefer pes only downside is they cant get all the football kit licence but if people prefer fifa or pes thats up to them but im not feeling fifa 17.

If pes is lifeless then Fifa has to be more than dead. In this there just wasn’t any commentary because it was the demo, which makes it feel a bit empty. But in pes the player have emotions (physically), as you can clearly see when Messi scores.

Guys you dont know Pes is the worst in gameplay. FIFA is Realistic in gameplay, menu ,unlock all things increasing opr and real sprint of the players as herself in real life So Dont be MAD im a filipino. i download & install both fifa17,pes17 and i realise that pes is no thrill . Fifa 17 is most thrilling football games. Pes 17 is low gb, while FIFA17 is 39 gb so dont be stupid.

If PES was so good why do youtubers make videos about them, I’ve not seen one channel which is based around PES or maybe isn’t popular enough to notice. And why do the majority of the world play it, since it sells more.


Is it just me or is it a lot harder to score 1 on 1s now? Ive been playing the demo and it’s hard as fuck! The 1 on 1s Ive missed on fifa 17 would have easily been put away on Fifa 16.

Foschiani I said this video was pathetic because the difficulty is clearly very low. If someone wants to claim they’ve scored the ‘best’ goals in FIFA, they should at least up the difficulty level. I’ve seen many better goals on FIFA with a much higher difficulty level where the defenders are actually attempting to defend, not run backwards away from the attacker.

It’sobvious that for scoring long distance goals like this Thé IA computer bas been weakened ans IA player bas been strenghted not any performance at all un thèse goals..

FIFA 17 – The Journey – Official Trailer

Powered by Frostbite, The Journey is a new mode in FIFA 17. Make your mark on and off the pitch as the Premier League’s next rising star, Alex Hunter. Play at any Premier League club, for authentic managers, and alongside some of the best players on the planet.

I wish Fifa games would let you choose the Goalies jersey to not just the 10 outfield players jersey and like cuz Fifa 17 had the Journey with Alex Hunter in the next Fifa Fifa 18 Should they have a Referee career mode like you creating your own Referee of course and starting off Refereeing a kids league and then you Refereeing in any league you want in the world and eventually you getting the chance to Referee in a World Cup or would a Referee Career mode in Fifa be too boring?

next year hopefully you can create your own journey. (like what area you live in and play as a kid for a little bit and maybe make decisions outside of the pitch like parties, women and buying houses and cars.

So you can’t play as a white kid? And you have to play at Manchester United? So this is racist!!! And you have to play for a scrum team, sorry fifa but I’m not buying fifa 17, pro evo for me this year, what a disgrace!

Pugz you need to make an effort to get that hernadez card

So it’s back once again for FIFA 17 – huge thanks to everyone that participated in last years thread that reached over half a million views and just over 33,000 comments. Hopefully the thread helped trade, play and experience the legends in FIFA 16 and will go some way towards achieving the same in FIFA 17.

Get involved, get your reviews in and please help each other as much as possible with getting players for certain prices and adding advice. Hope we have another great year and I do hope that some legends have been looked at but will update when we see the full database!!

Pugz you need to make an effort to get that hernadez card on your stream, what you think of that 92 pace on him? he is going to be nice. stream would like to see him in action. And if you could mix a few Brazilians in there now were talkin lol.

His work rate, and ability on the ball this year were not good enough for a full back, imo. A player like Marcelo, Brehme, Carlos etc will all be better than him if he is left as he is.

Í had a full legend team and I think only Petit will be a good option for my new team. With so many good defenders I don’t think Puyol will stand out. Ferdinand will be very expensive because he is a new legend but I still think Maldini will be better.


GONTH you spend so much money opening packs and I swear you won’t even gonna play the fucking game with that Iniesta and Boateng. You’re such a waste man.

honestly your so retarded. discarding players that sell. shows your special. Just stop making videos because they are shit and you hardly upload anyway. money whore.

Why are you even a FIFA youtuber when you don’t fucking play. You spend money on Fifa points then open packs, then sell players. A pretty shit boring and cancerous way to make videos.

What is the point of spending a load shit of money opening packs and not playing the fucking game? 0 wins, 0 draws, 0 loses like wtf does this guy even play fifa?

I’m still on Fifa 16 but when he opened one of his sick packs i packed 87 inform handanovic and he sells for his max price and it was from a freaking gold pack!

if you want to have a cheaper console with better deals, definitly go for xbox one (or s) they have good deals where you can save some money to buy other games (or something else) The controller is also easier to handle in my opinion. They have much space to download games. Conclusion.