FIFA 17 FAIL Compilation

Not sure whats worse, that after 50 EA football games they still suck at it, that somehow they can make 50 games out of a single sport to begin with, or that after 50 games, people still buy the same fucking game, every single fucking year and spend their money on the same game with slightly different graphics and an updated playerlist and somehow still get excited over this.
You could just update the playerlist in small patch each year and you’d have the same effect.

I dont get you assholes. When there are glitches of any other game you fuckers dont give a shit but when its Fifa you say they didnt put any effort in the game and its nothing but a money scam. Shut the fuck up mother fuckers I’ve been playing fifa since fifa 14 and I have never seen a glitch in my game they are extremely rare and if you played fifa you would know that. So fuck off you twats.

Ea should do like a my career and make your own personal character and scan your face to be you in the game with an app that will help your do that like if you agree this is for FIFA

I’m not claiming it to be brilliant, but I have an FUT seasons series that is in for the long haul. Featuring every match from Division 10 onwards, and never spending real money on packs. Its in its early stages but I have record hundreds of hours of material and looking to improve all the time, with hopefully your support and suggestions.

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