FIFA 16 FAIL Compilation

Spot on guys… You know the game fifa.. I broke my today because of sick things like i Won my first game in Fut div 6 online with 4-1 and was happy and all but after the game the result board showed loss instead.. This happened many times and many other things… this is to frustrate us.. because when you are frustrated you consume more.. So i thought fuck it no more brainwashing mother fuckers.. I recommend everyone to throw fifa away because they just want you to be frustrated and consume!

thats so funny and yet you have fifa fanboys saying fifa 16 is better than pes 16 this proves it fifa is shit ………you dont have these problems in pes 16i am yet to see a pes 16 fail video………lolol jokes on you this year fifa fans.

think EA sports and Microsoft have a deal going, let’s make the shitest fifa ever that stresses you out and makes you smash your Xbox up so you have to go out and buy another one, conspiracy.

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