FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TotY Goalkeepers and Defenders Released

It is that time of the year, when EA Sports releasing the Team of the Year event for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, their mobile application for everything related to the FIFA world and video games. Now, the studio has released the goalkeepers and defenders within the app, allowing everyone the chance at grabbing the 15 rare cards before they are removed from the app on Wednesday.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TotY Goalkeepers and Defenders Released

This year, the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team of the Year will offer the very best defender and goalkeeper rating since the game has been released. German goalie, Manuel Neuer, has been rated at a 96. Neuer, for those who know him is, is an unstoppable force when it comes to prevent those well-timed shots from other players. According to Full Fifa, not even Messi or Ronaldo have been able to break through his defense on the field. That’s rather impressive.

As for the other defenders available now within FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, former German captain, Phillip Lahm, is the highest rated defender available within FIFA with a rating of 95. Lahm is joined by Sergio Ramos and Thiago Silva, the two players have ratings of 94 and 93, respectively. Next, David Luiz, with a rating of 89, is joining the Team of the Year releases. Players have been criticizing that Luiz was the odd man, as there were plenty of other options available for the developer to choose from in this release.

However, there shouldn’t be too much time to complain about the player choices, as these are completely limited. Anyone who wants to get their hands on any of these defenders or goalkeepers should do so now. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team continues to be one of the highest rated applications on mobile devices, so be sure to download your own if you are even a tiny bit interesting in the world of football.

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