FIFA 15 PC Gameplay – Chelsea vs Manchester United

At Gamescom 2014, EA announced that more than 50 Legends will be available for Xbox in FIFA Ultimate Team. You can now loan players and build concept squads. Brand new Friendly Seasons have been added so you can now play Ultimate Team against your friends. New base attribute has been added, PHY, which stands for Physical.

the away fans actually sound realistic in this game, why couldn’t fifa16 or why cant fifa 17 have a realistic crowd. for example in real life when the away team scores the away fans don’t celebrate till the net ripples, but in the game the away fans celebrate as soon as the ball crosses the line.


fifa commentary is stupid. theyd be droning on and on endlessly, clueless of the match theyre meant to be watching. when a goal goes in, they suddenly switch to the game exclaiming how good the goal was, AS IF THEY ACTUALLY SAW IT, and werent going on about david moyes or some of the other they talk about on this game.

I do have an odd issue. I must say that I haven’t purchased the full game yet and still playing demo because of it. So, idk if it can also be confronted in full game either. Here it is.

I do have a pretty low level/cheap gamepad which can not be recognized by the game. To make it run through the game, i am using a third party app called as x360ce. Using the produced config by that app. The problem is that when i plug in the gamepad and step into a match ‘apart from the BarclaysPL game done between Liverpool vs Man. City(opening game), the ball physics get broken. Only and only in that match, its realistic as well as what FIFA 15 game offers. But, when i choose a team and start any match, the ball physics go wrong and look like a balloon bouncing all over the pitch. I do not know how to fix this. What i confirmed is, as i unplug the gamepad and play with keyboard/mouse config. given inside the game, the ball physics are always the one it has to be. Though, that way, i can not enjoy the game.

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