fifa15books | Gareth Bale: It took character to succeed at Real Madrid

Gareth Bale has signed a contract extension at Real Madrid to keep him at the Spanish giants until 2022.
Following Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat trick at Alaves, Zinedine Zidane expressed his delight with the star’s all-around effort.
Zinedine Zidane explains why Real must have the mental fortitude to overcome opponents that try to make them suffer.
Cristiano Ronaldo hit home his 40th hat trick with Real Madrid, his 31st in La Liga.
ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop didn’t expect such a comprehensive win for Real Madrid in their rout over Alaves.

Gareth Bale said he had shown character to battle through hard times to become a success at Real Madrid, after signing a contract extension which runs up to June 2022.

Bale, 27, joined from from Tottenham in 2013 for €10.7 million and has won two Champions League trophies and the Copa del Rey, while scoring 62 goals and providing 34 assists in 135 official games for Los Blancos.

It has not all been plain sailing however for the Wales international at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu though, with Real fans whistling him during a difficult second season in Spain, and cracks appearing at times in his relationship with teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

“There have been a lot of great moments, in football there are always ups and downs,” Bale said. “Winning the Champions League, for this club, is the pinnacle. There have been bad moments too, that always happens wherever you are, but the important thing is how you react.

“It would be easy to pack up and leave and go elsewhere, but it takes more character to stay here, fight and make things work.”

Manchester United were reportedly keen to bring Bale back to the Premier League, but the player himself said he was unaware of interest from anywhere else and was delighted to remain at the “biggest club in the world.”

“I could not tell you if anybody has been interested,” he said. “If they have been, I don’t know about it. I’ve just been focused on Real Madrid. We [players] never speak about these things anyway.

“Madrid are the biggest club in the world. When you have the chance to play for them you do not turn it down. I have loved every minute of it. I came here to progress as a footballer and I have definitely made the right decision. I want to keep winning trophies, and Real Madrid can offer that, they match all my ambitions.”

Gareth Bale’s new Real Madrid contract finishes when he is 33-years-old.

Bale said that his three years in the Spanish capital had seen him grow up both as a person and a player.

“It has changed me quite a lot,” he said. “It has made me grow up more as a person. I came to Madrid in the first place to try something different. It is never easy for British players to travel abroad and be successful but I wanted to improve my game.

“I have had two good years here, and one that was not so good, which helped me to grow up too. Good and bad press is all part and parcel of the game. If you listen too much you can get yourself down. I know from experience not to listen too much to either the good or the bad comments.”

Bale has long been spoken about as a potential Ballon d’Or winner, but said such personal trophies were not something he thought about too much.

“As for the Ballon d’Or if you are playing well for your club and country and winning trophies, these things will happen,” he said. “For me it has never been a personal goal, when I was younger it was always about winning team titles.

“The personal awards come around when the team does well. It is not something I am striving towards, if it does come fantastic, but first and foremost it is about the team.”

Although one of this year’s 30-man shortlist, Bale said he wished teammate Cristiano Ronaldo luck in the race for the 2016 award.

“If I was the judge I could answer but I’m not,” he said. “A lot of players have had great seasons and I’m sure the voting will decide.

“Cristiano has been incredible this year, won the Champions League and Euro 2016. For me he has had a fantastic season and I wish him luck as my teammate.”

Bale will be 33 when this new contract ends, and suggested he would like to finish his career at the Bernabeu.

“For sure, the reason I have signed for so long is I am very happy here,” he said. “Each year I am more confident and playing better. I don’t know when I will retire but my family are well settled here and I fully intend to see out my contract here.”

Dermot Corrigan is a Madrid-based football writer who covers La Liga and the Spain national team for ESPN FC. Twitter @dermotmcorrigan.

fifa15books – Paris Game Week 2016: Dual Universe Interview – a New Generation Sci-fi MMO

Sets in a fully editable world wich allow gamers to build their own society, Dual Universe focuses on collecting and progression based around exploration, mining, crafting, trade, politics and warfare. It's an MMO game that can be sumarized with these 3 words : Rebuild Civilisation Together.

I met the French developer team at the Paris Game Week 2016 and JC Baillie, founder and president of Novaquark (the left one on the picture below), kindly accepted my brief interview.

fifa15books - Paris Game Week 2016: Dual Universe Interview - a New Generation Sci-fi MMO
Dual universe had a success in the Kickstarter campaign as they raised around $620K. The game promised us the gameplay of "do anything you want, do invent your universe".

What would be the release date of Dual universe?
Fall of 2018. For now our goal is to present the alpha stage before summer 2017. And the alpha should last around one year.

What is the diffence between Dual Universe and traditional MMO?
First of all, Dual Universe is a Boundless Massively Multiplayer Game: potentially millions of players can share the same universe at the same time. In simple worlds, no boundaries, no zones, no instances.

There is no quest or story mode like tradionnal MMO games where players tradionnaly go through;
there is no EXP required for leveling.

fifa15books - Paris Game Week 2016: Dual Universe Interview - a New Generation Sci-fi MMO
It is a full editable world, where gamers permanently invent into their universe, their economy, their religion, their gouvernment, and everything they need to go on. Players can create or buy any object to construct bigger things like space-ships, houses, cities… anything. They only need raw materials that they could buy in a trade market or craft by themselves like mining. You are a god in a virgin universe. But you are not alone.

However, like tradional mmo, the guild system is very important. We have already had a forum where gamers can promote their guilds. 

What is the in-game economic system like?
Gamers can trade anything they need through player-to-play trade or through their guild. There is no limitation and there will be a realistic in-game economy based on market orders, financial tools, and virtual in game currency.

fifa15books - Paris Game Week 2016: Dual Universe Interview - a New Generation Sci-fi MMO
How about the PVP and PVE system?
For the moment there is no instance or dungeon. PvP will take place outside the safe zones. In a future expansion it will also be possible to do construct PVP (ships vs. ships for intance).

Is it a free-to-play MMO?
Absolutly no. There will be a monthly subscription fee which is around $13; but there will be a coupon system that will allow players to pay the subscription fee with in-game currency. So anyone could play without paying real money as long as they are very active in game.

Thank you very much for your time.

fifa15books - Paris Game Week 2016: Dual Universe Interview - a New Generation Sci-fi MMO


fifa15books - Paris Game Week 2016: Dual Universe Interview - a New Generation Sci-fi MMO
Report – NCsoft Boycotts G-STAR 2016

fifa15books - Paris Game Week 2016: Dual Universe Interview - a New Generation Sci-fi MMO
Dark and Light Unveils Fascinating Creatures, All of Them Can be Tamed!

fifa15books - Paris Game Week 2016: Dual Universe Interview - a New Generation Sci-fi MMO
Blizzard North Co-Founder David Brevik Is the Adviser of a New Diablo-Like Game

Vote now for the best goal of Jordan 2016 –

Whether you prefer ferocious long-range strikes, flowing team moves or stunning solo runs, the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Jordan 2016 had something for everyone.

Now, after a competition in which over 100 goals hit the net, it’s time to pick the best. And that is a job for you. has selected a shortlist of ten and but only you, our users, can determine which of them merits the title ‘Goal of the Tournament’. Voting is now open and you have until 31 October at noon CET to select your favourite, with the winner announced later that day.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look now at the ten nominated strikes and cast your vote for Goal of the Tournament.

Learn about the Carbon Masters Overwatch event starting this October on fifa15books

Heads up for another interesting clash between America’s best Overwatch teams. Carbon Masters kicks off next week.

Carbon Masters will give teams the opportunity to compete on a top level monthly. The teams that place themselves in the top of each event, will advance directly to the main event of next month’s tournament with the idea of rewarding teams who remain at the top.

Starting on October 16th, the tournament launches its first qualifier, which is an open qualifier for any American team wishing to compete in the main event. The prizepool consists of $7,500 divided among the teams who make it to the top 3 in the main event. Carbon Masters will professionally stream the games of the top 8 in the open qualifier, as well as the whole main event.

  • 1st Place – $4,500
  • 2nd Place – $2,000
  • 3rd Place – $1,000

In the main event, starting on October 23rd, a total of 10 teams battle it out to become the conqueror of all. This part of the event includes 6 invited teams (all ranked in the top 12 of the American Overwatch region) and 4 teams that qualify from the open qualifier mentioned above. The invited teams playing in the tournament are as follows; Complexity, Faze Clan, Method, Immortals, Tempo Storm and Kingdom Esports. C9 initially declined their invite, but have since changed their minds and will now be playing the Open Qualifier to get to the main event regardless.

Do you and your team wish to compete in the upcoming open qualifier? Singing up for the tournament can be done here. Other questions regarding Carbon Masters will be answered on their Twitter, Facebook or you can jump in their community discord here.

For more competitive Overwatch news, follow us @GosuOverwatch.


Do you think this event has a clear winner already?

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fifa15books | Hosts out as Mexico make the last eight

Mexico and Spain are through to the quarter-finals of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup after El Tri beat Jordan 4-1 to seal the fate of both the hosts and New Zealand.

The Mexicans had to come from behind to do so after Sarah Abu-Sabbah scored Jordan’s first-ever goal at a FIFA women’s finals with a wonderful solo effort in just six minutes. Though disappointed in the final outcome, the passionate crowd at Irbid’s Al Hassan International Stadium will certainly long remember the driving solo run and unstoppable left-foot shot into the top corner that gave them a shock lead.

But within seven minutes of Al-Sabbah’s spectacular opener, Mexico drew level. And if the first goal was glorious, this one was anything but, with Jordan keeper Rand Albustanji’s unconvincing punch leading to a penalty-box scramble that culminated in Jazmin Enrique bundling the ball over the line.

A work of art it was not, but the goal nonetheless served to settle Mexican nerves and, just four minutes later, they found the net again. This time the impressive Jacqueline Ovalle burst down the left and delivered a low cross which Dayana Cazares met first time, sweeping a left-foot effort into the net from 16 yards.

Christopher Cuellar’s side remained good value for their lead throughout the first half and extended it nine minutes into the second when Ovalle got the goal her overall play deserved. This time, roles were reversed, with Cazares crossing and Mexico’s No11 showing some nifty footwork to work the ball on to her left foot before driving a powerful low shot into the bottom-right corner.

There was no way back for Jordan after that and with five minutes remaining Gabriela Juarez added further sparkle to the scoreline for Mexico, heading home unmarked from yet another Ovalle cross. Mexico will now take on Spain to determine top spot in Group A, while Jordan will attempt to go out on a high by beating New Zealand in a match in which pride is now the only thing at stake.

Live Your Goals Player of the Match: Jacqueline Ovalle (MEX)

Overwatch Season 2 Begins, Brings New Map on fifa15books

Overwatch Season 2 Begins, Brings New Map on fifa15books

Overwatch update 1.3 is now live on public servers, bringing changes to competitive play for season 2, a new Assault/Escort map called Eichenwalde, and balance tweaks to D.Va, Zenyatta and others. The standout changes are a change to skill ratings and the elimination of sudden death from the game’s competitive modes, but the full list of changes is long.

The update has been available in the test realm for a while now, meaning we already knew about most of these changes – including the new map and the death of sudden death.

Matches which end in a draw will now simply end in a draw, giving three Competitive Points to players, but they’ve “made some changes to our game modes in Competitive Play to help reduce the chance that a draw can happen.”

If three Competitive Points sounds like a lot for a draw, that’s because you used to receive only one for a win. Now you’ll receive ten for winning a match. Numbers have become bigger across the board; player’s individual skill rating is now measured on a 1-5000 scale instead of the former 1-100 scale. Players are then assigned to tiers which determines who you’ll be playing with in competitive matchmaking.

The patch notes also break down each individual change to the game’s heroes, with helpful developer comments on each to explain why the change was made. For example, D.Va’s defense matrix will now begin regenerating after a 1-second delay rather than 0.5 seconds, because it “was too efficient when tapped repeatedly, instead of being held.” I like the way games like this are a constant negotiation between developers and the people who discover strange strategies in high-level play.

Zoomo! Overwatch Rolls Out 63Hz High Bandwidth Mode –

Zoomo! Overwatch Rolls Out 63Hz High Bandwidth Mode -

Blizzard are rolling out upgraded netcode for Overwatch [official site] across the world, and you’ll likely find it’s live for you now. The update has most Overwatch servers now running in the “high bandwidth” mode, which previously was limited to an option in custom games. This increases the frequency with which players tell the server what they’re doing and receive updates on what other players are doing, in theory meaning less frustration with things like being shot after escaping round corners.

The update is switching the client update rate to 63Hz (63 times per second, up from 21), which should broadly make everything feel better and less frustrating. Blizzard started rolling this out last month, but now it’s live in enough regions for Blizzard to properly announce it.

If you want to get technical, Overwatch lead engineer Tim Ford and senior engineer Philip Orwig explain the change with paper cups in a new video, but the takeaway is:

“The net result of that is you will be shot around corners less, you’ll be able to predict escape moves better and the server will hear about it sooner – so if you got that blink off, the server’s going to process that quicker – [and it will] make you less likely to get hit by hooks.”

They explain that Overwatch launched with a 21Hz client update rate because they wanted to be sure everything would be stable at launch, with 63Hz mode reserved for custom games if people really wanted it. But 63Hz takes a beefier connection, so before rolling it out they made tech to detect if a player’s connection can’t handle it and downgrade their rate.

The realities of online gaming mean you still might be frustrated by getting hit when you feel you shouldn’t, but that should be a lot rarer.

Here’s the full scoop:

World Of Warcraft: Legion's Order Halls Are A Good Reason To Play All The Classes –

The Druids. Nobody knows who they were, or what they were doing. In World of Warcraft: Legion what they’re doing is spending a lot of time in their lush and vibrant Order Hall, the latest expansion’s answer to one of Warlords of Draenor’s more contentious features.

I loved Warlords of Draenor’s Garrison feature, which gave players their own personal fortress to develop, filled with questgivers, resource buildings, followers and other special stuff. Others felt that the Garrison structure killed some of the game’s social structure and screwed majorly with the economy.

Legion takes the Garrison idea and expands upon it with Order Halls, which are basically expansive areas dedicated and themed around a single character class. Rogues get an underground lair, sort of like a dungeon. Hunters get a mountaintop hunting lodge. And Druids? Druids get this:

The Order Hall is the hub for Legion questing, with extensive missions themed to their respective character class. The extensive class-specific content means that Legion finally gives players a compelling reason to play through it with every class. This is a dangerous thing and will surely end my marriage.

All my druid friends are coming over tonight.

The Druid-specific content begins with my character being crowned (I guess it’s some branches and twigs) an Archdruid, leader of Azeroth’s anti-demon, tree-hugging contingent. Gerbil amasses followers and sends them on timed resource-gathering missions, goes on Druidic quests to save famous Druidic characters from Druid-themed doom—basically she runs the place.

Unlike the solitary Garrisons, Order Halls are filled with other player characters, each a member of that specific class. The Dreamgrove, as it is called, is flush with Druids, running about as cats or bears or stupid owl-things or deer, making the whole place reek of patchouli. They’re harvesting resources, upgrading their artifact weapons, flirting with the Laughing Sisters and otherwise Druiding all over the place. It’s pretty great.


It’s still early days for Legion, but the class-focused structure of the expansion has already changed how I play. Specifically how I play Druids, more specifically that I play them at all. I used my level 100 boost for Gerbil because I could never get into the class, but as I took each of my level 100 characters through the opening Legion content, the Druid’s storyline took hold, and now my focus has completely shifted from human Rogue to Worgen Druid.

And it’s always nice to have a clubhouse, even if it always smells like cat pee and patchouli oil.

World of Warcraft: Legion Starts Really Well on fifa15books

Raccoon the grizzled Outlaw Rogue stands in demon-besieged Dalaran, moments before Azeroth’s greatest mages pull off their most amazing feat yet: making me even more alt-crazy than I already was. Judging from the first few hours, Legion is going to be a very good problem for me.

The shot above was captured moments before the quest launching World of Warcraft’s sixth expansion pack popped up on my screen at 2:52 AM Eastern.

With a click of a ridiculously crowded Archmage Khadgar, the assembled mages of Dalaran launched a cutscene, transporting the magical city from the skies over Deadwind Pass to the skies over The Broken Isles. I captured the first ten minutes or so of the experience in a commentary-free video below. If you want commentary, scroll on down.

Now that the regular demon invasions of Azeroth are done (and they will be missed) and the Demon Hunters are unleashed, it’s time to switch focus to two of the new expansion’s other core focuses. To be honest, I’d almost completely forgotten about Class Order Halls and Artifact Weapons, what with all of those demons. Within moments of stepping out in the newly-displaced Dalaran, World of Warcraft reminds us.

In the case of Raccoon, who my nephew convinced me I should main (focus on over my other characters) for the expansion, a courier found me on the city’s flight platform, slipping me a message urging me to attend a clandestine meeting.

I’d like to think Raccoon is a nickname earned decades ago during some shady dealings.

The quest led me to “Oh yeah that’s right, this expansion has Order Halls for each character class!” For Rogues that’s an underground sanctum hidden behind the bookcase of an unassuming storefront, which is pretty much perfect. Raccoon was guided to a banquet hall where he found himself surrounded by some of the most famous Rogues in Azeroth. They’re The Uncrowned, and they’d like him to be one of their leaders.


Lord Jorach Ravenholdt and Raccoon are twinsies!

That’s right, I get to be a leader in Club Rogue, sharing a table with the likes of Valeera Sanguinar, famous companion to that guy who recently died. It’s complicated. Lore fans will get it.

Valeera and Raccoon are best buds now.

Soon after Raccoon was initiated, it was time for Legion to remind me of its other big feature. After listening to tales of legendary weapons from three legendary Rogues, I was given a choice of which of them to go and fetch.

An easy choice, if you’re committed to your specialization.

Herein lies the problem I’m going to have with Legion. Not only does each character class feature an epic quest to obtain a legendary artifact weapon, but each class specialization has one as well. If they’re all of the same quality as the Outlaw Rogue quest I went on this morning, then I am going to have to experience as many of them as humanly (or gnomely) possible.


For the Outlaw Rogue’s quest, Raccoon is tasked with recovering the Dreadblades from the Dread Admiral Eliza, who has captured your Uncrowned cohort Fleet Admiral Tethys’ ship with her undead pirate crew.

Thar be a new ship in Booty Bay, arrrrr.

We sailed from Booty Bay on the Cape of Stranglethorn to a remote location on the coast of the Broken Isles. What followed was a sometimes grueling test that made damn sure I knew how to play an Outlaw Rogue before letting me have my shiny new toys. We’re talking stealthing through a minefield patrolled by skeletons with stealth-breaking bone dogs to “coerce” a target, infiltrating a heavily-guarded base and taking down a massive enemy using a combination of finesse and positioning.

Your allies will fire on this beast, but only if he’s in the right spot.

But wait, there’s more. I had to then breach an ancient temple, disarming a water trap by killing a series of sorcerous skeletons that I was pretty sure were bugged. I battled them for a half hour, and they would not die. I thought it was glitched. I logged in and out again. I restarted the questline. Finally my far-too-tired eyes realized the enemies were casting a complete heal on themselves that I was supposed to interrupt using the many buttons on my hot bar dedicated to doing just that.

Eventually I wasn’t a f***ing idiot.

Then there was a battle with a pair of enemies through a collapsing tunnel, because that’s the sort of thing that happens to roguish adventurers all the time. One extended battle with the evil Admiral after that, and The Dreadblades were mine.

You’ve gotta work for them, but that just makes getting them feel so much better.

Artifact weapons are powerful items with the best stats, the best damage, the best enhancements and the odd special ability. In the case of The Dreadblades, I can activate a skill that makes every attack I land add a combo point (a resource for activating powerful Rogue skills) at the cost of my health. They are cursed blades, after all.


Back in Rogue HQ, Raccoon is challenged by my favorite NPC of all-time, Vanessa VanCleef. The boss of the post-Cataclysm Deadmines dungeon whose goal is getting revenge for the death of her father, one of early WoW’s most fondly-remembered bad guys, Vanessa VanCleef is a master manipulator and capable combatant. Whenever I’m in Westfall I spend most of my time telling every NPC in the zone that she’s secretly a traitor. They never listen, stupid NPCs.

When your bae shows up in your underground lair.

Well, now she’s my underling, which is about the best thing ever. I am never going to let her live Westfall down. “Hey Vanessa, remember that time you posed as a member of a prominent farming family for years, only to have your grand scheme thwarted by me and a random dungeon group?” Good times.

Once that was taken care of, Raccoon unlocked his weapon’s skill tree (artifact weapons get skill trees, and I love a skill tree) before hitting up the base’s deployment board to pick one of four adventure destinations.

Nothing like the promise of an empty skill tree.

Legion does away with the old method of breaking up new zones by level, instead scaling content to the player’s own level, leaving where to head next completely up to them.

Decisions, decisions.

Eventually Raccoon and I decided to accompany Sky Admiral Rogers on an adventure in Stormheim, because nothing ever goes wrong when you’re with Sky Admiral Rogers.

Everything goes wrong with Sky Admiral Rogers. She is the worst.

At this point it was getting up on 5 AM, and I was very, very tired, so I decided to call it a night.


Or maybe I took my Gnome Hunter through her artifact weapon quest, which tested every aspect of my Beast Mastery specialization, pushing my abilities to the limit and rewarding me with a magical gun that basically grants me an additional Hunter pet. He’s a lightning wolf, and he’s the only thing keeping the power of Titanstrike in check.


I did sleep, eventually, for about an hour, and I’ll sleep some more, but the other five level 100 characters on my account, the ones who haven’t joined their class clubs or gone on a defining quest for an epic armament, are making very loud noises in the back of my head.

We’re going to have issues, World of Warcraft: Legion and me. It’s going to be awesome.

Two down, five to go.

Revealed during games online demo

THE FIFA 17 release date is weeks away and rivals PES 2017 will host their demo next week, but for now beta testers have leaked Liverpool’s player ratings

FIFA 17 is released in less than a month and as we gear up for the latest outing of the EA Sports series, the games developers are currently allowing a select group of players access to the game early.

revealed during games online demo
revealed during games online demo

These special individuals will be playing the games closed beta. A sort of demo that allows EA to gather as much data as possible to help them iron out any big issues or bugs before the game is released to the wider public.

However it also means that one or two people are able to leak the games official player ratings well before the game his shop shelves in September.

And while these stats won’t necessarily go unchanged before the game launches, it does provide a fairly decent framework for understanding roughly how highly rated some players will be.

In this case, we’re looking at Liverpool’s stats and you can take a closer look using the gallery below.

While certainly not a bad squad by any stretch of the imagination, Liverpool don’t have any stand out star players in the team.

In fact, their highest rated player is Phillip Courtino on 84 and by comparrison, the underwhelming Manchester United midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger is rated 86.

That being said England striker Daniel Sturridge, absent for most of last season, is rated a decent 83, while Firmino is just behind on 82.
Last week EA Sports revealed a stonking new trailer and you can watch it below.

“FOOTBALL IS BACK and it’s Powered by Frostbite! See new signings, skill moves, celebrations, and Own Every Moment with FIFA 17 gameplay,” reads the trailers description.

The new trailer was released during the EA Gamescom live stream, along with plenty of new details about the game.

Primarily this gave plenty of new information about how the revamped FUT mode has changed since FIFA 16 and all new changes can be seen just below.

In addition plenty of details was also shared about the games new FIFA mobile app which EA say will feature: “Attack Mode, daily live content, a fresh approach to squad building, and online leagues to compete against players worldwide.”

We’ve lost count of exactly how many new features and improvements EA Sports have made to the game this year.

But in short, this year EA Sports are going big.

The famous developers are promising to take a “major leap forward” for the ever popular FIFA series.

So far the team have already introduced one significant change by using DICE’s Frostbite engine to give the game that added sense of fidelity.

But there’s also been major changes to the main game.

Last night EA Sports revealed what is set to change for the FIFA 17 Legends and FUT modes, but prior to that they’d also showed fans how they’d completely rewritten how the game plays.

There’s been a set-piece rewrite, new options in attack, a series of changes to improve movement off the ball and most recently an overhaul of the FIFA physical play mechanics.