Every legend performed at a top level in a top league

OK, I could of worded it better but I’d say every legend performed at a top level in a top league. Donovan has never done that. Like the best player in a bad league doesn’t make someone a legend, well not outside that country. It’s quite a unique situation with Donovan because his country is so big but I think one day we will see genuine top talent come out of America, its still a really young sport there.

The difference with Pele though was that he played in the Brazilian league,which was the best league in the world at the time because all of the best south american and Brazilian players played and stayed in Brazil. MLS is not one of the best leagues in the world.


Succeeding/flopping in an elite league is a good measure for whether a player is talented or skilled, but not necessarily a good measure for whether a player is “legendary”. Talent/ability is just one aspect of someone being a Legend.

No one is saying that Donovan is one of the best players of all-time, but the argument is that he is so influential in other areas that he has to be considered.

It was a bit of a strange choice by EA but he was the south american player of the year twice (don’t compare this to some tinpot n.American award, footballers were and are infinitely better in s.America) and he played a huge role during the golden era of Colombian football during the 1990s. I’d even go as far to say that valderrama actually did more for the mls than Donovan, helped bring talent to the league by signing up, won the MVP, has the record for most assists in a single season etc.

Showing Pele is just laughable because as camo already pointed out, at the time it was one of the best leagues in the world. I thought everyone knew that.

It’s the main aspect and he is nowhere near the level you need to be, to be considered. It just doesn’t make sense. There’s so many players from so many countries that deserve it as much as him for what they did or achieved on a personal level, for their teams or countries.

Can you post some more players who are 1st in career goals and 1st in career assists, for both their nation and home league? I am genuinely interested to see some of the other names.

You’re clutching at straws anyway mate, its a moot point. I’m not arguing that he was great in the mls and for the national team. I’m arguing if you take his nationality out of the equation and go purely on ability, then noone is talking about him as a legend, not even you.

There’s no argument, we are both in agreement that he did not have the ability/skill to be a top 100 player of all-time (hence giving him an 84 rating in the mock card). My view is that Legends should be considered on a combination of ability, statistics, historical/cultural influence, and fame.

I took “international legend” to mean that fans/critics outside of a player’s home country care about a player. I’d guess that 99% of Sheringham fans live in the UK. I’m totally okay with that, but let’s not pretend that people in North America, Brazil, Africa, etc. really care about Teddy Sheringham.

Hugo Sanchez genuine Real Madrid legend won 5 pichichis had the most goals in a la liga season record until Ronaldo/messi broke it he’s also 3rd all time La Liga scorer shame he’s constantly overlooked maybe because he’s Mexican idk.

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