Enough lag free games too keep me hooked

So I’m a FIFA fanatic in my late twenties who has been playing FIFA ever since my dad brought how a brand new computer and a FIFA ’97 disk. The first time I played FIFA online was when I bought an XBOX360 and FIFA10. I started playing FUT and was immediatly hooked.

My setup at the time was a cabled connection from my XBOX360 to my router, with my Dutch ISP being Ziggo. I lived in student housing with only 3 other guys who weren’t much into gaming so I was mainly using the internet connection. I did use to get awfull waves of input lag that could last for a week and then vanish in thin air. When gone, I’d really enjoy the game.


In the following years the problem stayed with me, periods of lag, periods without lag. Enough lag free games too keep me hooked, enough lagging games to keep me frustrated (about 50/50). I tried everything there is exept for switching ISP’s. (wasn’t always in my power to do so.)

A lot of people complain about conceding in the 90th minute which is, in my eyes a combination of accumulated lag and loss of fitness of your players. From around the 70th minute of a game I start to lose the little control I had over the game due to issues mentioned above. The lag always seems to get gradually worse during a match. Loads of times I was ahead two or three goals at halftime, but I still managed to lose.

I’d like to ask everyone that has any information or tips to help me and others eliminate this problem, as it is incredibly frustrating. Also I’d like to ask mods to direct people to this thread for discussions about disadvantages experienced when playing online FIFA.

I experience button lag even when playing offline…. playing online and experiencing any lag makes the game totally unenjoyable for me, so I play mostly “offline” Fut. I still get the “Waves” of input/button lag that makes playing the AI totally frustrating and very difficult to break down – especially on the dribble. It is like I am holding a certain direction after beating a defender (with or without the sprint button) and there is a second delay before my player actually moves… by then the defender slides in to get the ball. Other times… It is like I glide past players and the controller response is immediate. I have my own suspicions, which I will leave out of this thread. I support this thread, OP, and hopefully we can make enough noise to elicit a formal response from the Fifa Team.

To me the lag and problems started about after the bundlesliga tourney. Ever since I can count the lag free games on one hand. It’d just got worse since. I have also had so many disconnects in the last 10 mins of a game it’s silly.

I don’t get whats so crazy about lag? Plenty of other games host has a slight advantage. Cod has always been like this same with holo. 2k servers are probably the worst. Its a known issue if you live east coast and play lol. You are always going to have up and downs.

Also another problem is when testing your connection don’t always pick the closest server. My 9 ping turns to 100 when testing west coast and 120 when playing uk. You know someone with a bad connection is going to be much higher dragging the game down.

I know you don’t want to hear it, but it’s the game. It’s most likely coded into the game so that every body can get wins. If the casual or no skill players couldn’t win matches, they would quit the game. Quitting the game equates to less money for EA. It really is that simp.

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