Choose what club you ll use depending on your pack luck

I’m just joking around, I don’t get into console wars and stuff to do with the PC. All of them have positives and all of them have negatives. I don’t feel the need to insult someone based on their choice of gaming console.

You are so boring my friend. I don’t really have anything against any console, just don’t really understand why people buy fp and pay for online services to then play with worse graphics, but each to their own I guess.

But even if you don’t have anything against anyone, people get so triggered about console wars and those discussions are so fun (as are discussions about handicap or Fifa patches).


I have another question. On xbox you can make 10 accounts so you can have 10 fut clubs? so you can open 10 starting packs and choose what club you ll use depending on your pack luck? sorry for being a noob about this .

Your starter pack contains of 3 non rare golds and a few bronzes, you don’t get welcome back packs on new accounts, so what’s the point? Which luck? Luck with the 3 non rares?

As if you would pack something decent. It doesn’t really matters anyway. The amount of games at the beginning you win because of somebody like Reus (Bale, Ronaldo, Neymar, Pele are a diofferent story) are negligiable. You mostly get players you win 5:0 against by using your bronze startes and at the time players matter you already have enough coins for a decent nonrare team because of your coinboosts.

Another question: Will I be able to access webapp for Fifa17 from my xbox account from 19,20,21 etc september (or when it will be realeased) if I ll link my xbox account to origin id? As i ve mentioned, I ve played Fifa16 on PC.

Welcome to where the big boys play. You have to make sure you adjust and adapt and above all up your game or you run the risk of getting overrun. Sincerely wish you the best of luck.

Atleast you tried sadly you seem to have missed a few threads of people swapping consoles and the first 10 posts were either “traitor” or “why you leaving the better console”, as I said atleast you tried, but overall a relatively weak bait.

And overall skill increases with less players. There are more good players on the consoles but in relation to the playerbase it’s less than on PC. For one good player coming to a console there might come like 50 who are not good.

I switched from PS4. Ordered the machine today. I only play FIFA (don’t have time for anything else because I have two kids), so don’t care about superior systems and all that. Wanted a change, try some legends and have fun.

Everyone will order this bundle because it’s cheap as hell. If you deduct 70€ for FIFA it’s just about 30-50€ more from buying an used XBO. However you might get 1TB consoles for that but who does need that.

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