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Grats! You’re now level 110 with all dungeons unlocked, an awesome artifact, and a quest to go to Suramar. Now what?

We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular things you can do at max level, ranging from gearing up to questing through Suramar. In a future post, we’ll be highlighting some of the fun things you’ll find if you slow down and explore along the way. Please check out our Legion Survival Guide for a complete list of Legion guides and content topics.


Artifact Knowledge

Make sure to aways have Artifact Knowledge Work Orders going on, which will increase the amount of power you get from items which grant Artifact Power. Placing a Work Order for Artifact Research Notes requires 0 Order Resources. More details about Artifact Knowledge can be found here.

If you’re very close to finishing an Artifact Knowledge Work Order, consider waiting to turn in Suramar quests that reward a lot of power such as Delving Deeper by Arcanist Perclanea. Every rank counts; Rank 1 provides a 25% gain and Rank 2 provides a 50% gain.

Artifact Power

If you are going out of your way to look for Artifact Power, for example if you are preparing for raiding and want to work towards a second golden trait as soon as possible, then work towards Suramar Quests and targeted World Quests with Artifact Power.

If you want to gear up offpsec artifacts, there is a huge jump in trait costs from Rank 13 to Rank 14 (1000 to 6840). So if you are hopping between specs, keep in mind that it is easy to reach one golden trait.

Not sure what to spend your Artifact Power on? Wowhead Spec Guides detail recommended artifact build paths.

Want a break from regular artifacts? Try out Legion Fishing for the Underlight Angler Artifact Fishing Pole instead!

Third Relic Slot

The Class Hall Campaign Quest has a strong lore component, but it also unlocks your Third Relic Slot at the end. Relics let you upgrade the ilvl of your Artifact even further and modify another trait. As you complete this long quest, you will send Champions on several long missions, run dungeons, finish 30 World Quests, and recruit 8 champions to your Class Hall.

As the quest series generally requires 5x 8 hour and 5x 12 hour missions (Warriors have even longer ones), as well as several dungeons and/or profession requirements, this is something that cannot be powered through in one day; so start it early.

Summaries of each campaign can be found in the Class Hall Campaign Guide and a detailed breakdown of the Rogue Campaign is provided as an example in the Missions Guide.

While completing this long questline, you will also get two Class Hall Set pieces (Chest and Wrist), a new artifact appearance and tint, and a special class title. All of the rewards are in the Class Hall Campaign Guide.


At max level, you can progress towards more of your artifact appearances. The following achievements unlock a tint or appearance:

  • This Side Up
  • Forged for Battle
  • Glory of the Legion Hero
  • Unleashed Monstrosities

Other achievements require a lengthier time investment or content that has not fully unlocked yet. You can also work towards your Hidden Artifact Appearance but some appearances are very obscure.

Gearing Up

World Quests/Dungeons

Before raids open, there are two primary ways to get gear without spending gold: solo World Quests and group Dungeons.

World Quests are a good way to improve your reputation and get basic gear without needing a group or long time commitment. Just open your map, or check it via your phone on the Legion Companion App or on Wowhead’s World Quest Page, to see which quests are up. The better your ilvl is, the higher ilvl rewards you have a chance of getting. You can get gear for any slot as well as relics.

Dungeons drop ilvl 805 loot on Normal, 825 on Heroic, and 840 on Mythic. There are 10 dungeons for max-level players; two require special attunements. We have complete Dungeon Strategy Guides to all encounters, trash, and Dungeon World Quests.

If an item appears up to 10 ilvls above the base, it will be marked as Warforged in the tooltip. If an item procs +15 or higher, it wll be marked as Titanforged. For example, If you love solo questing, there’s a small chance your rewards from World Quests can proc Titanforged and be the same level as loot from a Mythic Dungeon.

Less gear in Legion is spec/role specific. Most primary stats change based on your specialization and new to Legion, rings and necks have no primary stats, only stamina and secondary stats. This makes them desirable for everyone.

More details and other ways to gear up in the Early Legion Gearing Guide and specific gear tips for each spec in the Legion Spec Guides.

Suramar Dungeon Attunements

As mentioned above, two dungeons require attunements:

8000/12000 Honored is needed to start the questline to unlock The Arcway and Court of Stars. These are Mythic-only dungeons which drop ilvl 840 loot and a chance at itemsets with additional equip effects.

  • Reach 8000/12000 Honored with the The Nightfallen reputation
  • Complete the Nightfallen But Not Forgotten achievement as well as The Waning Crescent and Blood and Wine stages of the Good Suramaritan achievement
  • Obtain and complete the Statecraft storyline, requiring two separate bribes of 0 Ancient Mana and 0 Ancient Mana to Arluin
  • Complete the Friends With Benefits quest

The special itemsets are: Fortitude of the Nightborne, Traitor’s Oath, Jacin’s Ruse, Nightwell Arcanum, Journey Through Time, March of the Legion

Order Advancement

Make sure to continue farming up Order Resources and watching your remaining research time on the Order Advancement Tech Tree. You will need to do 43 consecutive days of Order Advancement research to hit Tier 6, which allows you to equip one more legendary. Each tier costs progressively more Order Resources to learn or swap.

Besides working towards the legendary perk, there are other benefits in the Order Advancement system:

  • The first tier is a choice between increasing success chance of the first mission per day, or increasing the chance that leveling quest rewards have rare or epic upgrades.
  • The second tier is a choice between an ability which either enhances your missions or troops, or a creative class-specific perk that unlocks toys, pets, hidden artifact achievements etc!
  • The third tier increases the amount of troops you can recruit, or allows you to acquire Champion equipment via Work Orders or Missions.
  • The fourth tier lets you choose between ways in which your troops can become stronger: roughly 5% base success or 15% success in certain conditions.
  • The fifth tier has some variation between classes. It includes access to special third troops, instant completion of a World Quest every 3 days, Order Resources per world quests competed with a Combat Ally, or a Work Order for a Seal of Broken Fate.
  • The sixth tier increases the number of legendary items which can be equipped.

Choosing your Order Advancements is another task that can be done via the Legion Companion App. More details on what each skill does and the costs in the Order Advancement Tech Tree Guide.


At max level, players can continue questing via Suramar and World Quests, or go back to other zones to finish up Loremaster for Broken Isles Pathfinder.


Suramar is a sprawling, tragic, exploratory zone; the Nightborne have entered into a no-win pact with Gul’dan to ensure the survival of the city, while the rebels have been expelled and wither before our eyes.

  • First, you will want to unlock the quartermaster through the initial "Nightfall" questchain in Nightfallen But Not Forgotten and then hit Friendly to unlock World Quests. Hitting Friendly simply requires a few more questchains in Nightfallen But Not Forgotten; Chief Telemancer Oculeth and Arcanist Kel’danath.
  • At 8000/12000 Honored, you’ll unlock the quest chain to become attuned to Arcway and Court of Stars.
  • At higher reputation levels, more parts of the story unlock as well as specific World Quests, which are all detailed on the Good Suramaritan page.
  • Revered is required for Broken Isles Diplomat
  • Several parts of the Class Hall Set require Suramar Reputation: Gloves, Shoulders, and the Greater Armor Kit.

The Comprehensive Suramar Guide covers everything you need to about the important parts of Suramar, including acquiring and spending Ancient Mana, unlocking the teleportation network, and Withered Army Training.

World Quests

In addition to gearing up, World Quests help with a number of topics in Legion:

  • Reputation Gains: All quests in a specific zone provide reputation with a faction. If you are interested in profession recipes, vanity items, or Broken Isles Diplomat, you will want to complete World Quests. All zones except for Suramar only take you to Honored via story questing. For Suramar, different parts of the storyline unlock at higher reputation levels and you won’t be able to hit those levels without World/Emissary quests.
    World Quests are very important for The Wardens and Nightfallen; they are both Level 110 only factions.

Professions: Quests have a chance to reward Blood of Sargeras, and when you hit skill level 100, additional profession quests unlock which can reward recipes or high-end reagents like Thick Slab of Bacon.
Other quests reward Artifact Power, Gold, and Order Resources.
PvP quests reward Honor and a chance at PvP gear; Battle Pet quests reward bandages/stones.

World Quests do not reset on a daily basis; they also do not immediately respawn when you have finished one. This should help with pacing and other problems surrounding Mists of Pandaria dailies. However, use common-sense when choosing which quests to complete:

  • Completing the quests related to the active 3 Emissaries gives you the biggest reward for time spent; 1500 reputation and a cache which can even contain Legendaries.
  • Nightfallen dailies, as discussed above, are a great way to supplement reputation gains from story quests.
  • Complete quests for gear that will be a clear upgrade.
  • Wardens do not have any story quests associated with them; you will need to do World Quests primarily to gain reputation.
  • Prioritize Artifact Power or Order Resource quests if you either need to progress on your Artifact or Order Advancement.

See which World Quests are up on our World Quest Tracker.

Withered Army

Since Nightfallen story quests reward small amounts of reputation, you will definitely want to complete World Quests, as well as the Emissary Quests The Nightfallen and The Kirin Tor of Dalaran. A notable Nightfallen World Quest is Withered Army Training.

  • To unlock this quest, you must have completed the main Suramar questline up to Building an Army and have 400 Ancient Mana on hand.
  • In this scenario, you earn a score based on the number of mobs you kill in the instance. Based on your score, you will get more Arcane Tablet of Falanaar reputation items from the final chest.
  • There are many tips and tricks to maximizing your potential, such as starting with a larger Withered Army for more Ancient Mana, and looting small chests along the way for items like Traveler’s Banking Chest and Ancient Mana Basin. Please check out varenne’s comment and video and voxxel’s guide for more details.

Broken Isles Pathfinder

Flying isn’t coming to Legion quite yet, but there is an achievement for the first step: Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One. One of the components is Loremaster of Legion, which requires completion of all the major storylines in Legion. So if you skipped a zone while leveling, you can go back and finish the main quests (Good Suramaritan) will take a while longer).

Battle.net profiles are inconsistently updating for players; when Battle.net is stable, you can import your characters to the Wowhead Flying Tool to check their exact progress and track quests.

Professions: Obliterum Forge

At level 110, you can complete the Trial By Fel Fire quest series to unlock the Obliterum Forge. This will allow you to destroy crafted items (even non-armor like flasks) in return for Obliterum Ash. The resulting Obliterum can then be combined with 2 Blood of Sargeras to increase the ilvl of a crafted piece of gear by +5, up to ilvl 850.

This is a lengthy questline that requires you to turn in 4x ilvl 815 crafted bracers, which is expensive at this point in time.

While Mythic Dungeons drop higher ilvl loot in general, crafted gear provides a guaranteed way to get an ilvl 850 item; it will be expensive but you’ll get there with enough materials.

Learn more about Professions in our Legion Professions Overview; we also have guides to all the Profession Questlines.

Raiding: Emerald Nightmare

Normal and Heroic Emerald Nightmare open on September 20th, with Mythic following a week later. Our Emerald Nightmare Overview is up along with all boss strategy guides so you can familiarize yourself with the fights in advance.

In addition to knowing the boss abilities and strategies, you can get your gear and consumables in a good place. We have gear and artifact path recommendations for each spec for early Legion, as well as recommended consumables.

Stockpiling flasks, potions, enchanting materials, herbs, gems, and ore in advance can ensure you have a steady supply of materials as you get new gear upgrades quickly. The Legion Profession Guides have more information on what quests to do to learn recipes or gathering ranks.

Seal of Broken Fate is the new bonus roll and Archmage Lan’dalock offers quests to earn them. Several classes have an Order Advancement Option to access a Work Order in return for a Seal, but as that is Rank 5, it will take some time to unlock.

PvP: Farm Honor

Legion Season 1 starts on September 20th. You can increase your Honor currently in Legion, which progressively unlocks Honor Talents. An easy way to increase Honor is to complete the PvP "Warden Tower" World Quests. These reward Vindictive Combatant PvP items or Soldier’s Splendor as well as Honor. You can see which are up easily by going to Wowhead’s World Quest page and filtering for the PvP quests.

Learn more in the Honor Talents and Prestige Rewards guides.

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