fifa15books – Golden Joystick Awards nominate Overwatch in 8 categories

The Golden Joystick awards are the oldest, and most prestigious, gaming awards. Every year fans can vote on what game should win in all seperate categories.​

Just like the Oscars there are many categories for the Golden Joystick Awards. And Overwatch has been nominated in many categories, in its first year of existence. Overwatch has been nominated in the the following categories:

  • Best Original Game
  • Best Visual Design
  • Best Audio Design
  • Best Multiplayer Game
  • Best Gaming Moment
  • Game of the Year
  • PC Game of the Year
  • Competitive Game of the Year


Well, Overwatch has racked up a plethora of nominations. But what do some of these actually mean?

Comepetitive Game of the Year is the game that did the most for eSports that year. The game that made the most improvements or gained the largest following. This can be the game that you most enjoyed, or a logical decision based on what game is most important. The final choice is done by voting so make sure you get your voice heard. It is subjective, vote your heart.

The Best Original Game is the game that had the most innovations. The one that was most original, that copied the least. Any game that completely changed a genre is perfect for this category. Or even better, a game that invented a genre. There are many games in this category this year. Overwatch, No Man’s Sky, Firewatch, The Division, Furi, the list goes on. 

Best Audio Design is the game that you could most easily play with just headphones and no monitor. While every game would be impossible without a screen, some games would be easier than others. Overwatch would be one of the easiest. But then there is also design beyond just giving you information. A game also needs to sound good. And Overwatch brings you information, but also sounds wonderful. There is a lot of chaos, but chaos is sometimes beautiful. Sound is intended to immerse you fully in the game. If you play with speakers I would highly suggest putting on headphones before you cast your vote. They are a literal game changer.

If you want to cast your vote and make your voice heard then go here and choose your categories and games. Happy voting!

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Will you be voting for Overwatch this year?


Thank you for voting!


Thank you for voting!

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