General : SteamVR Games Available with OSVR Software –

Razer has announced the availability of several titles by OSVR, an open software and hardware platform for virtual reality that was co-founded by Razer.

Here are the games that SteamVR players will be able to get hands on with:

Team Fortress2

Half-Life 2

Elite: Dangerous

Live for Speed


OSVR™ is a software platform designed to set an open standard for virtual reality input devices, games and output to provide the best possible VR game experience. Supported by industry leaders, the OSVR framework unites developers and gamers alike under a single platform. Plug in. Play Everything. The OSVR SDK and Hacker Development Kit is fully available for VR enthusiasts, developers and interested consumers now for 299,99 USD via Additionally to the SteamVR integration the platform features a fast-growing list of curated content ranging from 360-degree media to VR games from across the OSVR supporter network.

Learn more on the OSVR site.

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