Elex gamescom 2016 gameplay emerged online on fifa15books

With gamescom in full bloom in Cologne, Germany, the fair would be incomplete without Elex, one of the most anticipated games from German developer Piranha Bytes. Fortunately, the next action RPG from the creators of the Gothic and Risen series did make an appearance at the event. A 9-minute long gameplay footage emerged online, showing off exploration of the post-apocalyptic world that combines science fiction with elements of fantasy, as well as combat with both melee weapons and futuristic guns.

Having invented a unique universe like this, the developers could come up with interesting combat tactics, such as using a jet pack to leap above an enemy and smash them with a sword using the impetus of the fall. Or how about a combination of chainsaw with a sword?

Settin all of that aside, Elex still appears to have the immersive atmosphere unique to Piranha Bytes

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