British man found dead with his trousers and underwear pulled down –

The victim has been identified as Steven Allford (Picture: Solarpix)

A British man was found dead at Malaga Airport with his trousers and underwear pulled down.

Detectives in Spain’s Costa del Sol have opened a murder probe in relation to the death of Steven Allford.

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At this stage, police believe the 51-year-old may have been asphyxiated.

A security guard at the airport discovered his body, which was bound to a bench.

Shocked tourists filmed as his body was placed on a stretcher and taken away as police searched the area.

Officers locked down the area (Picture: Solarpix)

Detectives are unsure what he was doing at the airport but believe he may have missed a flight home or was sleeping rough.

A source said: ‘There were no obvious signs of violence on his body but the position he was found in suggested foul play.’

Another source said investigators believed he may have been the victim of a sexual assault.

The circumstances of his death are unknown (Picture: Solarpix)

Mr Allford had a hand bound to one end of the bench and his leg to another with cable ties, and his trousers had been pulled down.

He was identified by documents found among belongings in a trolley next to his body.

It is not known where in the UK he is from.

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