fifa15books | Beyond the Nexus: Fall Regionals Recap

Watch the latest episode of Blizzard’s official weekly show to catch up on Heroes of the Storm eSports news, including the results of the North American Regional.

In this week’s episode of Beyond the Nexus, Gillyweed and Dreadnaught recap the PAX West North American Regional with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the teams’ voice communications and a “Top Plays” segment highlighting the most exciting moments of the tournament. They also provide an update on both the Latin American and Korean regionals.

Tune in next week as Gillyweed and Dreadnaught will provide an in-depth preview of two teams that will participate at BlizzCon. If you enjoy this type of content, let Blizzard know by tweeting them directly at @BlizzHeroes or @HeroesEsports.

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