fifa15books | A new season brings new rewards and big changes to grand master leagues

Blizzard has listened to player feedback and both promotion / demotion matches and the grand master player pool has been changed.

Official blog post

Blizzard developers have been hard at work refining ranked played, and the first season, while having its share of problems, has been leaps and bounds better than the original “Rank-1-and-plateau” system. Season 2 starts the week of September 12, and with it comes a host of new rewards and changes to improve the validity and competitive nature of the season.

The rewards

The Elemental Lion mount is the 2nd in the elemental mount series and is the feline counter-part to our beloved elemental wolf. New portraits have also been added, and with the Grand Master level being capped to only 200 people down from 500, the highest tier of this portrait will be one of the hardest in game achievements to unlock.

Changes to promotion / demotion ranks

The biggest changes to ranked point adjustment is the removal of the flat 250 adjustment after winning a promotion match or losing a demotion match. It was especially discouraging to lose so many points during an unlucky demotion match, so this change is pure quality of life improvement that players should enjoy.

Points will now carry over once you’re are promoted or demoted, another common sense decision that feels intuitive, as there never really was a reason that points would disappear once you gain a new rank. Important to note, however, that demotion matches will not “store” lost ranked points and carry over.

Season 2 ends on the week of December 12th, so if these rewards entice you, better start playing the PTR to get used to the new patch.

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Thank you for voting!

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