POE:Build Curse Self-Cast Flameblast

Hello, Exiles! That is a Tri-curse self-cast Flameblast Glass Cannon Witch a.k.a Self-made Pizza. So, without having further ado, let’s get it started!

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-one-shots the majority of monster packs (even blue ones on t15 maps with debilitating mods with only 3L setup)
-can do any map mods even some deadly combinations like all reflect + -max res + Hexproof
-can do endgame
-blows up a whole screen having beautiful explosions
-currently a little hipster
-probably a superb starter
-you are usually not Web Explorer of clear speed

-a bit fragile
-you need to swap 2 gems if you’d like this build to be optimized for each and every encounter
-you will not be Usain Bolt of clear speed

Build theory and mechanics (offense)
We use Flameblast as a key skill. It’s a higher DPS channeling fire ability which blows whole packs of monsters within a big explosion. The majority of the builds today are oriented about attack/cast speed when we hit once but hard.

Orb of Storms
Casting this ability ahead of Flameblast increases our harm by a variety of strategies. Monsters hit by OoS are dual cursed by Flammability and Elemental Weakness which lowers their resistances by 88% at lvl 20/q20%. OoS triggers Elemental Equilibrium which adds 50% to it. Mastermind Of Discord adds an additional 25% resulting in -163% lowered fire resistance on monsters hit by OoS. Beyond that, it triggers Elemental Overload resulting in 40% Additional harm and Arcane surge which grants you (10-19)% improved cast speed and (10-20)% much more spell harm based on gem level. I’ve it on lvl4 so it gives me 12% Much more spell dmg, 11% enhanced cast speed and 0.5% mana regen per second. Finally, it includes a likelihood to shock enemies and raise harm they take but given that OoS bargains significant harm that boost is not significant.

Fire golem grants enhanced harm and Lightning golem guards increased cast speed. With Liege From the Primordial, we’re in a position to have two golems summoned at the exact same time at the same time as they’re immune to elemental harm and buffs they grant have 100% enhanced impact.

Scorching Ray
Linked with Spell Totem might be made use of simultaneously with a flame blast. It offers sufficient damage to kill only weak enemies for you. Its much more vital function is lowering enemy resistances by up to 24% which benefits in good harm boost on bosses.

Vaal Lightning Trap
It creates shocked ground under the monster who triggered it causing him to take 20% increased damage.

Vaal Haste
Grants (24-31)% enhanced cast speed depending on gem level.

Build theory and mechanics (defense)
This build is focused much more on offense than defense so the most beneficial defense is just kiting enemy attacks. But if you fail with it a little or make a decision to facetank some shit listed below are some defense mechanics to help you out:

Warlord’s Mark
Grants 2% of damage leeched as life too as Endurance charges (+4% to physical harm reduction per each)

Vaal Pact
Causes life to become leeched quickly

Devouring Totem
It may leech life and mana from corpses for you without need to have of wasting flask charges. Its really helpful on no regen maps, Labirynth runs and even for the duration of particular boss fights.

Commandment Of Winter
It can get rid off some danger after every ten seconds when you are hit by something, killing monsters and leeching some life back to you.

Protection against reflect
Without any protection, it could be an instant RIP just about every time you land an even tiny hit on a reflect monster. Sybil’s lament, Ash, Frost and Storm, Soul of Yugul and Paragon Of Calamity collectively tends to make you immune to reflected harm. I tested it on -max res reflects maps and I did not obtain any reflected harm even from reflect uncommon monsters till a number of that bastards applied a shock to me.

Lightning Warp
Teleports you out of danger too as tends to make your traveling faster.

Vaal Clarity
Causes your abilities price no mana through talent effect.

Gem links
Flameblast + Concentrated Impact + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Concentrate + Likelihood to Ignite + Added Cold Damage
This setup above may be the max DPS setup for bosses; for mapping swap Conc Impact for Enhanced Area of Effect and Chance to Ignite for More quickly Casting in the event you can sustain mana cost. If you’re fantastic with your damage you can also swap Ele Focus for Item Rarity.
It is possible to use Immolate as opposed to Added Cold Damage nevertheless it has an impact only against burning enemies so you need to depend on Scorching Ray Totem for those who do so. If SR Totem is applying burning stacks on the enemy it is going to lead to 12% More dmg against (only) that enemy in comparison to Added Cold. But if your totem dies or the enemy moves out of its variety it would lead to 30% Much less damage dealt with that enemy. It wouldn’t be dependable for bosses which include Hydra or Minotaur for the reason that totems die a whole lot through these fights.
Orb of Storms + Arcane Surge + Curse on Hit + Flammability + Elemental Weakness
Blasphemy + Warlord’s Mark + Arctic Armour + Enlighten
Lightning Warp + Much less Duration + Swift Affliction
Spell Totem + Scorching Ray (for longer boss fights)
Flame Golem
Lightning Golem
Vaal Lightning Trap (for longer boss fights)
Vaal Haste + Vaal Clarity + Enhanced Duration (for standard mapping and bosses)
(On secondary weapon slot) Devouring Totem + Desecrate + Quicker Casting

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