Pay attention that sometimes the reward is a 2 Player Pack

Let’s help each other out here by posting the cheapest possible solutions (based on average market prices at the time) to the squad building challenges in FIFA 17. Some may challenges may be worth it, others may not, for example spending more money on players to win the (untradable) packs/prize money than it costs to buy them makes no sense.

There are multiple sets of challenges with each set containing multiple individual challenges.

Clearly mention the name of the set and the name of the challenge, then provide a picture of the cheap squad you used to collect your reward.

Good luck!

Pay attention that sometimes the reward is a 2 Player Pack – to avoid confusion, this does not mean you get 2 players pack but rather 1 pack containing 2 players.


Tip 1: for early in the game – keep all your bronze and use them for the easy squad building challenges early on in the game, then immediately open the packs you get from the individual challenges and use the pack pulls to complete the rest of the set (or keep the player if you have a great pack pull!

Tip 2: Make sure to read the challenge requirements proprely. If it’s asking for rares or Gold rares for example. It’s super easy to complete challenges that ask for rares with only bronze rares. If it is asking about a hybrid with 11 nationalities, make sure to check if requires to be from different leagues or not. It is super easy to complete a 11 nation “hybrid” challenge when you are able to only use one league. The opposite is also true when it asks you to complete an 11 league “hybrid” team but it allows you to use only one nation.

Tip 3: an obvious one, but use or to make sure your planned squad actually gets the chemistry it should

Tip 4: another obvious one, but slower players tend to be the cheapest options for these challenges

Tip 5: The Brazilians, Dutch and French are probably the nations that appear in almost every league and are easy to use for some hybrids, they can be quite cheap too.

Honestly already sped ahead. I packed walcott with 2.5k or so input (completed the Kick off challenge set TRADEABLE), just get 6 or so 400 coin cards from the same league and nation. I think there’s too many options to work out what is the cheapest though.

Another tip to the guys playing on the Early access, there is an easy challenge just for the early access, its expiring before the game launch and tge reward is nice, so everyone should go for that.

The nations one is pretty easy, it only asks for different nationalities, not different leagues, so you can just pick one league with different nationalities (unless I’ve overlooked something)

The league hybrid one is the only way around, it asks for different leagues, so pick a nation which represents itself in multiple leagues, I think France and the Netherlands are probably the best/cheapest for that one.

The league + nation hybrid is more difficult, but the French and Dutch are probably good options to start with and then go from there, probably add Germany in there (English are probably the most expensive of the bunch).

Legend in 100K toty packs

The funny thing is with OP chem styles this year there’s no real reason for TOTY apart from bragging rights. If you’re playing fut champions weekly you’ll have the coins for pretty much the most effective/best team with the right chem. I’m using Elmartix 41212(2) custom tactic and went from gold 2 to elite 1 every week and have 5M now. It’s much more important to understand tactics and formation than using the highest rated players.

its money he could of used to ake another video or open more packs and some people dont have that? its like watching someone bin a bottle of water when youre thristy.

I love pack opening season. I never spend anything on them, I just love it when people flood the market with players they don’t use because prices go down and you can get some decent bargains.

The Toty is basically a toty bbva… I think they should make it different next year, yes its cool to get a iniesta or something but i have a premier league/Serie A team so i cant do shit this year. The toty is just a popularity challenge, they should’ve definetly put kante in this year. Ah well its still EA.

The money EA take in for these packs on this time of year is probably more than the launch of the game. Absolutely disgusting and not worth it based on the probability of getting the blue cards. You just spent at least £500 and got nothing pretty much because you didn’t get a blue card.

FIFA 15 PC Gameplay – Chelsea vs Manchester United

At Gamescom 2014, EA announced that more than 50 Legends will be available for Xbox in FIFA Ultimate Team. You can now loan players and build concept squads. Brand new Friendly Seasons have been added so you can now play Ultimate Team against your friends. New base attribute has been added, PHY, which stands for Physical.

the away fans actually sound realistic in this game, why couldn’t fifa16 or why cant fifa 17 have a realistic crowd. for example in real life when the away team scores the away fans don’t celebrate till the net ripples, but in the game the away fans celebrate as soon as the ball crosses the line.


fifa commentary is stupid. theyd be droning on and on endlessly, clueless of the match theyre meant to be watching. when a goal goes in, they suddenly switch to the game exclaiming how good the goal was, AS IF THEY ACTUALLY SAW IT, and werent going on about david moyes or some of the other they talk about on this game.

I do have an odd issue. I must say that I haven’t purchased the full game yet and still playing demo because of it. So, idk if it can also be confronted in full game either. Here it is.

I do have a pretty low level/cheap gamepad which can not be recognized by the game. To make it run through the game, i am using a third party app called as x360ce. Using the produced config by that app. The problem is that when i plug in the gamepad and step into a match ‘apart from the BarclaysPL game done between Liverpool vs Man. City(opening game), the ball physics get broken. Only and only in that match, its realistic as well as what FIFA 15 game offers. But, when i choose a team and start any match, the ball physics go wrong and look like a balloon bouncing all over the pitch. I do not know how to fix this. What i confirmed is, as i unplug the gamepad and play with keyboard/mouse config. given inside the game, the ball physics are always the one it has to be. Though, that way, i can not enjoy the game.

Most ISP’s modems are now duel modem and wireless routers

Same issue, freezes after not finding and oponent in fut. I just want to point out, that nothing has changed for me since the update, my matchmaking sucess rate is about the same as before. But now each time unsucesfull connection freezes the game, and it’s a headache.

I even tried to search only for eg. 15 seconds, then cancel the connection search (it works until some period, 30-60 seconds), and then tried again over and over, but not with any significant results. Been able to find a oponent once a while, but I’m kind of fed up now. Now I pretty much just play single player seasons in FUT and online friendlies, with buddies.

I can almost guarantee that most of you having this problem is because of Double NAT, not open, moderate or restricted NAT types. Just make sure that your ISP-provided modem is in bridge mode. As I said before, most ISP’s modems are now duel modem and wireless routers. It needs to be in bridge mode (modem functions only) and not interfering with your main router because of it sending out a wireless signal.


I fixed this last week, have been the home team in every game, and have found games in every online mode since I did it. I don’t find games in bronze or silver tourneys, but that’s because no one is playing these at night in the US.

According to my settings I’m at a NAT type 2. I do find opponents after an average of 5 tries so my connections is not stopping me from finding matches at all. Still, in Fifa15 I get instant matches where on 16 I have trouble finding them and 90% are Saudi Arabians.

Me the same, Found three games last night no problem, last one he rage quit down 2-0 after 15 minutes. then spent about an two hours unsuccessfully trying to find opponents, couple of console restarts made no difference. Like schweini I await to see what happens today….

I’ve bought the PS4 2 days ago for playing my lovely fifa 2016 which i’ve been playing since 2004 series. I’m trying to find the opponent 3 days in a row!! what the heck is going on EA???? I’m completely pissed off! i have a NAT 2 and in pro clubs there is no problem to play! I have a beast internet but rly EA, no solution for the mass problem for 3 months.

I’ve tried so many thing that forums suggest to do but nothing works! other games like UFC work fine! This is disgusting, they do the same game with a bit of changing every year and we ignore it buying a game to deal with this crap!

If I had to guess, I’d say there are far less people playing now than this time last year. Many, many people have stopped playing. Now with the patch, a few of those people might return, such as myself.

Ok I think I have found a fix for this.Try switching around the players in your squad .Like move your CDM to CB and LB to LM and then switch them back and search again.It seems to be working for me.Let me know if it works for you guys too.

Once my rep was bad couldnt find any match so had to get friends profiles to like to bump it back up. The other nat type was strict. Easy fix. Just do connection test on xbox pressed and held all 4 trigger bumpers then changed to open.


You can buy points with credit card, giving real money. You can earn coins by playing games in ultimate team, and whe nyou open packs, you can quick sell some players and things and get back some coins.So, you give points to open pack, quick sell/discard players, and you get coins.

How in the world does he have 11 million coins and 450k something points? Im still stuck with 30k coins. Is there like a coins cheat or something or are these guys just using money to buy points?

This was at an EA event before the game was released. These were accounts preloaded with coins/points for these guys to use. They don’t get to keep these accounts after the game has come out.

how tf does someone get soo lucky I spent rea money all of the money I had on fifa points bought packs the promo ones I didn’t even get 1 walkout and the best player I got was a 78 rated walkout I bought 9200 fifa points.

Any tips on what I can do to improve?

This is where we forumers come to show our squads but also where ask each other for help regarding formations, players, custom tactics and so on. Feel free to post your squad whether it’s a 30k fitness squad or a full TOTY squad.

This is what I have so far, made maybe 4-5k from trading over an hour or so to get myself to about 12k (first time I have successfully traded on FIFA!), then did squad challenges from there to get myself to here. Got a few K left over which I might try and trade again, I really want to get Luiz as a CB.

I went just about that with 4321 but realised I’d have to spend on position cards for it to be effective (if these wild chem thoughts are actually true) so went 4312 as I’ve been enjoying that more of late in 16. Great cheap team though!


Very happy with this for a my main team for a while. Fujihara at left back is a personal favourite player for me. nice and solid for Gamba. Might add in Nagatomo and Uchida later on next week.

Indeed he was. Granted now that hes getting on hes not really the same player anymore, he still has the deadly left foot that every goalkeeper fears lol. I cant wait to use him next week for long shots and set pieces. Great team! I hope to use my starter teams for much longer this year. There seems little incentive to spend big at all when there are great players so cheap.

I went just about that with 4321 but realised I’d have to spend on position cards for it to be effective (if these wild chem thoughts are actually true) so went 4312 as I’ve been enjoying that more of late in 16. Great cheap team though!

I’ve tried both marchisio and naingolan for 10 games each before selling on for a profit because parolo is just as good imo. Asamoah does a fine job as well with just a basic chem, didnt like him with maestro or deadeye on him.

Any tips on what I can do to improve? Maybe want to incorporate Thiago at some point too. Currently got about 50k to spend but of course always looking for players I can aim for and save up for! Thanks.

i need solid defence, like ramos-barzagli, ramos-bonucci, boateng-manolas if, you know something like this, maybe not ramos boateng cuz is too expensive… then midfield pretty defensive and faster, 4-3-3(4), i wanna go straight in fut champions with this.

stayed away from this formation pretty much since they put it in the game. always felt too exposed in the middle. but with defense being how it is this year (incredibly assisted) i can leave myself a bit exposed knowing that, for better or worse, the AI will pick up some of the slack from that gaping hole in the middle.
scoring loads now though.

I bought FIFA 17 for 100 euros but this is, they really need to fix this gameplay. it is so garbage. i was hopeful when i heard the first patch is coming but it made gameplay even worse, i thought this would be the year i would buy fifa points but if this will continue i won’t buy FIFA 18. When is 2nd patch coming?

Just sold my fitness team and built this to rotate with my main – 8 of the players, all the expensive ones, are untradeable, pretty pleased tbh, majority of them packed earlier when I used a bunch of crappy golds I had packed in the last week or so to convert into 22 2 player rare gold SBC packs.

Need some help. Fairly happy with my team, excep for Castillejo. Need to get rid of him but want to keep everyone else. Looked around for RW SPA1 players, but there’s not much to pick from. How to swap the RW and keep everyone on 10 chem.

I have this team right now (all first owner) Haven’t got a goalkeeper yet but.. RB- Debuchu CB’s- Koscielny, Alderwield LB- Clichy CM’s- Ramsey, Kante, Eriksen RF- Sane LF- Payet ST- POTM Son as a LF any thing I can do to improve with 270k? I haven’t spent any money on the team yet, all players used are untradeable players in my club.

IFA 17 Speed Test: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lionel Messi

He is not that good in passing, acceleration, ball controll, dribbling, free kicks and even skills. Why 5 stars? There are a lot more skillfull players. Ronaldo Skills irl are stepovers, ronaldo chop, cuts and just sometimes roulette and Rabona. Look at players like Neymar, Douglas Costa, Coutinho, Di Maria or Isco… they are more skillfull but lack in athletic abilities compared to CR7… Fifa get your facts straight…

Messi focuses on passing and playmaking more so thirs no need to prove how fast he is because hes very fast he just dosent sprint like how he was when he was younger so dont downgrade him and “lookdown” on him! He deserves way better stats! And if i was to keep on going about his passing and physic i would type essays but i already know that only smart people will understand so i dont need to waste time!

Well then yeah, obviously. Many center backs have better passing accuracy overall. I think the best passer should go to the one doing under pressure and setting up the goals i.e Messi. Rather than Koscielny for Arsenal, who has nearly perfect passing accuracy, but is basically just passing it from side to side.

messi is better than ibharhimovic, neymar, iniesta etc. but not better than ronaldo and thats the truth many of u say that ronaldo gets compared with messi and messi gets compared with pele but actually it is opposite ronaldo himself said that I respect everyone’s opinions about me and messi but in my opinion I am always the best and I think that should be the spirit of all.

Bruh the only things Messi is better at is Passing and dribbling everything else Ronaldo is better at. But being successful with your club and with individual awards, I reckon Messi has done much better (expect for Argentina of course) so it is hard to call.


Welcome to my FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Packed Out series, it’s essentially a FIFA 16 Road to Glory series in which I try to make my way to Division 1 in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team without using FIFA Points or buying any players from the FIFA 16 Transfer Market.

In leagues 10-7 get premium bronze packs for avoiding relegation and getting promotion and the title. Then for leagues 6-4 get premium silver packs and finally for leagues 3-1 get premium gold packs because you will not be able to afford gold packs by just playing games and you’ll never get a team good enough to complete the series by just getting coins from games.

You should do this: Every Time you lose you should discard a 7,500 coin pack, when you draw you get a 5,000 coin pack, when you win you get a 7,500 coin pack, when you get relegated you have to discard 3 7,500 coin packs, when you promote you get 2 7,500 coin packs and when you win the title you get 3 7,500 coins packs.

Maybe add something like challenges to each episode that is chosen before by the most liked comment for the previous video. So for example, you could have about 3 challenges per episode to fulfil to get a reward (maybe a gold pack or premium gold or bronze for Divs 10-8, silver for Divs 7-4 and gold for Divs 3-1). If you complete the three challenges in the episode than you can get the pack, and only than too. Challenges for example could be: Score a hat trick with a player in a game, Win both games by 3 goals or more and maybe Score in the 90th minute of the game. Hope you like the idea Josh!

your should open the free packs because it would be a level playing field against players like Di Maria and David Seaman and it would make the episodes very enjoyable and leading to more coins per game to open packs and get better players after your loan legend expires.

Choose what club you ll use depending on your pack luck

I’m just joking around, I don’t get into console wars and stuff to do with the PC. All of them have positives and all of them have negatives. I don’t feel the need to insult someone based on their choice of gaming console.

You are so boring my friend. I don’t really have anything against any console, just don’t really understand why people buy fp and pay for online services to then play with worse graphics, but each to their own I guess.

But even if you don’t have anything against anyone, people get so triggered about console wars and those discussions are so fun (as are discussions about handicap or Fifa patches).


I have another question. On xbox you can make 10 accounts so you can have 10 fut clubs? so you can open 10 starting packs and choose what club you ll use depending on your pack luck? sorry for being a noob about this .

Your starter pack contains of 3 non rare golds and a few bronzes, you don’t get welcome back packs on new accounts, so what’s the point? Which luck? Luck with the 3 non rares?

As if you would pack something decent. It doesn’t really matters anyway. The amount of games at the beginning you win because of somebody like Reus (Bale, Ronaldo, Neymar, Pele are a diofferent story) are negligiable. You mostly get players you win 5:0 against by using your bronze startes and at the time players matter you already have enough coins for a decent nonrare team because of your coinboosts.

Another question: Will I be able to access webapp for Fifa17 from my xbox account from 19,20,21 etc september (or when it will be realeased) if I ll link my xbox account to origin id? As i ve mentioned, I ve played Fifa16 on PC.

Welcome to where the big boys play. You have to make sure you adjust and adapt and above all up your game or you run the risk of getting overrun. Sincerely wish you the best of luck.

Atleast you tried sadly you seem to have missed a few threads of people swapping consoles and the first 10 posts were either “traitor” or “why you leaving the better console”, as I said atleast you tried, but overall a relatively weak bait.

And overall skill increases with less players. There are more good players on the consoles but in relation to the playerbase it’s less than on PC. For one good player coming to a console there might come like 50 who are not good.

I switched from PS4. Ordered the machine today. I only play FIFA (don’t have time for anything else because I have two kids), so don’t care about superior systems and all that. Wanted a change, try some legends and have fun.

Everyone will order this bundle because it’s cheap as hell. If you deduct 70€ for FIFA it’s just about 30-50€ more from buying an used XBO. However you might get 1TB consoles for that but who does need that.

FIFA 17 Vs PES 17: Penalty Kicks

I feel like the biggest issue for PES are the licenses.They make no attempt to mimic actual one. If I cant use Barcelona, I’ll use Barfalona, no Chelsea? How about Chelskea with a badge that resembles but not the real one.Other than that, it’s a unique game in its own way.

FIFA and Pes is like iphone vs android. Iphone is a huge amount of marketing,nice cover and look. But clever people who want to get everything from a smartphone (or play football,not an arcade) – will choose android.

fifa is the same wack game play all the time i have bought pes and im happy with it i only played fifa when i got my xbox one and got fifa 14 i thought its ok ive been a pes fan up to 12 which i thought was shocking stopped playing football games for a long time but its prefer pes only downside is they cant get all the football kit licence but if people prefer fifa or pes thats up to them but im not feeling fifa 17.

If pes is lifeless then Fifa has to be more than dead. In this there just wasn’t any commentary because it was the demo, which makes it feel a bit empty. But in pes the player have emotions (physically), as you can clearly see when Messi scores.

Guys you dont know Pes is the worst in gameplay. FIFA is Realistic in gameplay, menu ,unlock all things increasing opr and real sprint of the players as herself in real life So Dont be MAD im a filipino. i download & install both fifa17,pes17 and i realise that pes is no thrill . Fifa 17 is most thrilling football games. Pes 17 is low gb, while FIFA17 is 39 gb so dont be stupid.

If PES was so good why do youtubers make videos about them, I’ve not seen one channel which is based around PES or maybe isn’t popular enough to notice. And why do the majority of the world play it, since it sells more.