Fans want this under-performing international team to be included in FIFA 17 –


Fans have created a petition to make The Republic of San Marino available in EA’s latest edition of FIFA 17.

San Marino is one of the least performing national side in Europe with no wins in any competitive match in last 26 years. Their last registered win is against Liechtenstein in 2004 in a friendly match.

Still, the fans and supporters of the nation think that they should be included in FIFA 17. They have created a social campaign with hashtag #SanMarinoEnElFIFA17 which in recent days has drawn attention from tons of San Marino residents.

Fans want this under-performing international team to be included in FIFA 17 -

Fans want this under-performing international team to be included in FIFA 17

They have also created a petition on to make this possible. The group of fans have registered about three hundred signatures to draw the attention of FIFA publishers and developers EA Sports.

There are pitchers’ who have already created a team patch for San Marion but the fans want EA Sports to officially recognize the nation and add them in their games.

However this social campaign turns out, it is very unlikely that EA Sports are going to add this national team in FIFA 17. EA mostly looks for new market to expand and all of the region belonging to Marino is very less likely to increase sales.

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fifa15books – What is FIFA 17 Skiller’s Journey Career Mode?

FIFA 17 is due to release a few months from now and it’s about time that we check out all the rumors linking the game with new features and additions. We try our best to authenticate these rumors and ideas.

fifa15books - What is FIFA 17 Skiller’s Journey Career Mode?

FIFA 17 Skillers Journey

Konami PES is the biggest rival to FIFA games. With hopes of beating the competition in sales and gameplay, EA Sports looks into every new pitched idea and features and try to add as many as possible. But, here we are not talking about all the minor changes like new logo or change in loan clause. We are talking about a completely new Career Mode showcase.

A famous FIFA YouTuber Lokelani pitched in this idea. He said that many of us are avid supporters of all 5 star players like Neymar, Nani, Ribery and Ronaldo etc. This mode would challenge super goals with skills leading up the finish.

He believes that this will appreciate the 5-star gameplay and the star skilled players in all its glory.

 Here is Lokelani’s video about FIFA 16 Skiller’s Journey Goal Compilation. Check this out and comment if you want to see this made official in FIFA 17.


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fifa15books – What can we expect from Champions Leicester City in FIFA 17?

After Leicester lifted their very first Premier League Trophy on Saturday, a minor trend started on Twitter questioning Leicester City’s place in FIFA 17 game. This has raised some serious questions over EA Sports who previously had the 2015-16 Champions rated only 3.5 stars.

fifa15books - What can we expect from Champions Leicester City in FIFA 17?

Jamie Vardy is considered as one of the main candidate for FIFA cover




Before the season began, the betting odds that Leicester to win the title was around 5000/1, but the impossible happened. The fairy tale for the underdogs came true.

The team has shown real talent this season, which cannot and should not go unappreciated. The team played fair and the main men, Vardy, Mahrez and Ranieri need stats change in the video game simulation.

Back in 2013/14 season Atletico Madrid won the La Liga title beating the top Real and Barca. In FIFA 14, the players had a substantial increase in their stats. Their main man, Costa, had a +6 stats increase in the game. Their 4 star was turned into a 5 star team.

We can expect such stats boost from the EA for Leicester City in FIFA 17.

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Why are EA against Scottish Stadiums? –

Scottish side Celtic fans are forcing EA Sports to add their home ground Parkhead as a stadium in FIFA 17. They have started a petition in to let the developers of the game know that they are not currently happy with EA treating Scottish venues.

Why are EA against Scottish Stadiums? -

A mockup of Parkhead or Celtic Park

In FIFA 16, Celtic play in FIFA stadia; the default FIFA 16/17 Stadium and they are not the only one. Other teams who do not have their own stadium in the game at least play in the stadium.

Why the Celtic Park aka Parkhead is not in the game? Also, Ibrox was also left out from FIFA 16? Why? These are some of the iconic stadiums in Scotland. Does EA have something against Scottish Stadiums?

Stamford Bridge, Anfield, San Siro, Parc des Princes, Old Trafford and even Century Link Field are in the latest FIFA edition but many are left out including the famous Hampden Park.

Will this petition force EA to add more Scotish Stadiums in FIFA 17?

Why are EA against Scottish Stadiums? -

FIFA 17 Petition

The petition reads:

“Celtic Park is one of Europe’s finest place and deserves its place on Fifa 17 with other Scottish stadiums such as Hampden and Ibrox to sic”

There is already more than 5k signatures in this social campaign. But will EA listen to them?

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FIFA 17 to use Need for Speed’s Technology –

EA Sports will be officially ditch the current game engine they use in FIFA games. All the FIFA games since 2013 had ignite engine but the Canadian game developers are going to move on to a better platform for their football simulation video games.

FIFA 17 to use Need for Speed’s Technology -

FIFA 17 to use Need for Speed’s Technology

The ignite engine was not only used in FIFA games but it was a part of every Sports Game developed by EA. The engine was a latest tech back then, which would give close to perfect visual presentation of the sport and could be easily module into any platform when needed.

According to a global game reporter, GameInformer, EA will be using Frostbite engine on most of their new games from now. They have found a more accurate engine for FIFA 17 says GameInformer as they claim that EA are going to use engine previously used by NFS (Need for Speed) games.

Developed by Battlefield creative development team, Dice, Frostbite are still powering many games like Dragon Age, Mirror’s Edge, Star Wars Battlefront and Need for Speed. EA are going to use a modified version of this piece of technology as they strive to make their game better than before.

We could easily see EA using the same engine for its other Sports game franchise that includes Madden, NHL and NBA Live.

We can predict that this transition to a newer engine only be good for FIFA 17. Considering how great the latest Need for Speed and Star Wars Battlefront game was, we can hope to see the same type of graphics and visualization from FIFA 17.

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FIFA 17 snaps up rights to J1 League

Electronic Arts announce that all 18 Clubs From The Meiji Yasuda J1 League will be included in FIFA 17.

As you would expect, each club will feature authentic logos, kits, and rosters, and the game will include the new Suita City Football Stadium, home of Gamba Osaka. Content from J1 League clubs will also feature in FIFA Ultimate Team and across other game modes in FIFA 17.

FIFA 17 snaps up rights to J1 League

Previously, the J1 League was the sole preserve of Konami’s Pro Evolution series but they just don’t seem to care anymore, do they?

We don’t know much about the J1 League – or Japanese football in general – but being the videogame fanboys we are, we’ve decided to support Júbilo Iwata.

Nick Channon, Senior Producer of FIFA 17, said these things:

“The partnership with the J1 League is great news for our global fan base. It adds authenticity to the game, depth and new content to game modes, and most importantly, it answers a big request from football fans around the world.”

FIFA 17 PS4 and Xbox One UPDATE: EA make big promises about ‘MASSIVE’ release

EA Sports is making big claims about FIFA 17, describing it as a “massive” game that’s been years in the making.

In fact, FIFA 17 gameplay producer Aaron McHardy told Daily Star Online that it’s the biggest FIFA game EA Sports has ever made.

And according to McHardy, Frostbite support and the story-based Journey mode are only the tip of the iceberg.

Describing it as the “culmination of years of work, McHardy said: “We often do things that are two or so years in the making, but we had the Frostbite engine which was more than three years, The Journey was more than two years.

FIFA 17 PS4 and Xbox One UPDATE EA make big promises about MASSIVE release

“Within gameplay, our set piece re-write was two years, the technology behind our physical play overhaul was three years in the making.

“We’ve had a lot of things burning for a long while and they’re finally culminating in FIFA 17 – so it’s by far the biggest one ever.”

FIFA 17 is also set to be the best looking game in the series, representing a big jump forward visually.

“Sometimes you don’t realise how much of a difference you’re making because you’re making incremental changes every single day.

“We got to a point where we were like it ‘it looks pretty good, let’s put it next to last years and see if it’s better’ and we were just like, wow! we didn’t realise it was THAT much better.

“We’ve now got the beams coming down from the stadium lights, we’ve got the way that you can see the density in the pitch and the distance and the three dimensional nature of the environment.

“Hands down, this is the best looking FIFA we’ve ever made.”

But if a recent Manchester United player ratings leak is anything to go by, not everybody will be quite so happy about the new FIFA.

Utd fans probably won’t like the fact that Anthony Martial has an overall rating of 78, while fellow striker Marcus Rashford is only rated at 73, despite his England call up.

Wayne Rooney is among the highest rated Manchester United players, earning a player rating of 85.

It’s higher than the 83 attributed to Juan Mata and the 80 given to Michael Carrick, although it’s not quite as high as David De Gea’s 87.

FIFA 17 will be released for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Origin for PC on September 27.

TOTW Predictions – Week 41 on fifa15books

TOTW Predictions - Week 41 on fifa15books

Once again we are very limited on games with only Korea and MLS playing league football alongside both Colombian and Spanish play off matches which leaves us with a grand total of 26 games to select from.


Last weeks score 13/18

Formation: 3-4-1-2 –

TOTW Predictions - Week 41 on fifa15books


Bill Hamid – GK – 75 OVR

The MLS joined the action this week and thus we have a fair amount of players coming from that specific league. The first comes in goal after Hamid made four saves in total of which included a superb save in the dying embers of the game when Dc United managed to hold Houston to a 0-0 draw.


Drew Moor – CB – 70 OVR

Potentially the easiest selection of the week comes after Moor scored the only goal of the game which saw Toronto upset La Galaxy with a 1-0 home win. He made his way into the MLS TOTW and that pretty much cements his selection.


London Woodberry – CB – 65 OVR

Woodberry didn’t actually make the MLS TOTW which I am sure will put off many predictors however the fact that he scored in a 2-1 win is enough for me when you take the perspective of EA justifying selections. There are still only a handful of games being played and thus a goal scoring defenders stands out in my eyes.


Kwak Hee Ju – CB – 68 OVR

I struggled to fins the final defender for the starting line up and thus we have the first of nine K-League players to feature after Kwak Hee Ju came off the bench to score in Bluewings 1-1 away draw with Seoul.


Mislav Oršić – LM – 75 OVR

If Orsic was in the game during FIFA 15 he would have picked up several IF’s in this period of the game and I wouldn’t be surprised if he picks up three of our this time around. He is in line for his first after grabbing both a goal and an assist for Jeonnam in their 3-1 home win against Ulsan.


Juan Cabezas – CM – 71 OVR

Seeing as the player which scored twice to secure the title for Medellin is not in the game we have the next best option in Cabezas who scored in the 1-1 draw and picked up an assist in the 2-0 win. If Cabezas does make the cut I would expect him to be a hero.


Benny Feilhaber- CM – 75 OVR

Feilhaber received a lot of stick for his inclusion in the gold TOTS MC side and although I agree that he should have been included it would have been significantly easier if this IF had occurred previous to that side being created. Ironically enough his goal came from the spot but he also claimed an assist and a spot in the MLS TOTW.


Mike Grella – LM – 65 OVR

Grella was a late addition to the side after playing late on Sunday during NYRB’s 2-0 home win against Seattle. The American winger scored both of their goals and strolls into the prediction because of that.


Kim Tae Hwan – RM – 67 OVR

In the second set of Korean fixtures for the week Ulsan winger Kin Tae Hwan scored the only goal of the game which saw them collect all three points against Suwon FC. Kim claimed the MOTM award and alongside it being the only goal it should be enough for him to be included.


Dejan Damjanović – ST – 77 OVR

Damjanovic was always a bit of a punt in last weeks prediction however there is no doubt whatsoever about his selection this time around after he bagged a brace for Seoul in their 3-2 win against Gwangju. 


David Villa – ST – 80 OVR

This one is slightly awkward as if EA decide to do a European classics side there is no doubt about Villa being one of those players but seeing as that is pure speculation I will be including him in this weeks team. The Spaniard scored one of three NYC goals along with claiming MOTM in a 3-2 home win.


Kwoun Sun Tae – GK – 74 OVR

Once again we have a Korean keeper which was always going to be likely in truth. This time it is Jeonbuk’s stopper Kwoun Sun Tae who stood out making four saves in total during a 2-1 win. He claimed the joint highest match rating of the match and for a keeper that should see him in.


Kim YongHwan – CB – 59 OVR

The defenders are always going to be difficult to predict in these sort of weeks so I will be taking the punt on Incheon’s CB Kim YongHwan who was solid during their 2-0 home win over Suwon City. He was not the official MOTM however he did receive the same match rating as the MOTM.


Shea Salinas – LM – 69 OVR

We briefly revisit the MLS now for SJE’s 2-2 draw with Orlando. The best option comes with Salinas of whom was involved in both SJ goals assisting the first before scoring himself in the 94th minute to secure an away point.


Yeo Reum – CM – 60 OVR

Not only does this Korean have a fantastic name but he also has a very nice looking item when it comes to bronzes. He looks set to book his place in TOTW 41 after scoring once for Gwangju in a 1-1 draw with Seognam. He claimed MOTM with a 7/10 which should be enough for him.


Kenan Kodro- ST – 63 OVR

Osasuna confirmed promotion to the BBVA this week winning both of their play off final matches against Girona with 2-1 and 1-0 wins. Kodro scored in both of those games and thus for me makes him an easy choice in the TOTW. I would expect him to be a hero should be make the final cut due to it being the final but they are always hit and miss.


Lee Jong Ho – ST – 69 OVR

The Adriano punt from last weeks side paid of and similarly to that one we have Lee Jong Ho who also scored just the once for his side. What specifically stands out here though is that he scored the winner in the 95th minute of the game to see Jeonbuk take three points with a 2-1 win.


Yang Dong Hyen – ST – 68 OVR

Another punt now and yet again it comes for one goal. Hyen claimed a 7 match rating alongside MOTM and a place in the Korean TOTW for his goal in a 3-1 home win for Pohang. He could miss out but once agains I would expect strikers getting in for one goal.

FIFA 17 gameplay leaks from E3 multiplayer demo

A video purporting to show multiplayer gameplay of an early version of FIFA 17 from E3 is doing the rounds online.

Although the footage is attracting some scepticism in the YouTube comments, with some speculating it could be a heavily modified PC version of an older entry in the series, there are certain hints that this is indeed the real deal – not least of which being the Battlefield 1 banner visible in the screen’s reflection.

On top of that, there are a number of subtle gameplay tweaks that haven’t appeared in recent FIFA games. The YouTube host notes that the whole game feels slower, with impact slowing down players considerably. Other smaller tweaks include the ability of players to shuffle up the line with their throw-ins, and that corners and free kicks have a different view with a “ball indicator” for careful placing of the cross. The penalty shot-metre is also missing, ensuring the players comedically fluff their penalty wide. “It feels more realistic than last year’s version, and I do like that,” says the narrator.

You can judge for yourself in the video below – bear in mind, this is early footage, so graphical tweaks (like moving nets) are likely to be added later

Elsewhere at E3, EA has finally lifted the lid on FIFA 17, confirming use of the Frostbite engine (Battlefield, Mass Effect Andromeda) and introducing a genuinely new feature: story mode.

FIFA 17 gameplay leaks from E3 multiplayer demo

Story mode is more than just your standard ‘Be a Pro’ option from previous installments of FIFA that allowed you to represent a single player and move between clubs. This new option hopes to bring out the human, emotional journey of fighting for a place amongst the Premiership greats, with a narrative decided by the game.

Or perhaps it won’t. Eurogamer went hands on with FIFA 17’s story mode and described it as genuinely different. You get “Mass Effect style dialogue wheels” to pick how you interact with your team mates and coaches off the pitch, and your performances affect how your career progresses. Play well, and presumably an England call-up beckons – play badly, and you’ll be shipped off on loan to a lower league club to learn your craft. These eventualities are crafted in to interactive cutscenes which adapt to follow your career.

Presumably this will be a wildly sanitised version of a professional footballer’s career, with FIFA – the international body that endorses the game – unlikely to want to be associated with boozing and party animal antics (there was once a dive button in FIFA that was removed because it sent out the wrong message), but it should offer some authenticity. The official page lists a number of current players listed as “authenticity consultants” including Harry Kane, James Rodriguez, Marco Reus, Anthony Martial, Eden Hazzard, Delle Alli, Marcus Rashford and Reece Oxford.

How much of a sideshow to the main game this will be remains to be seen, but it’s genuinely exciting to see FIFA trying something new and different with this year’s release. The trailer has confirmed the game’s release date, and we’ll know more on September 29 this year.

FIFA 17 promises the biggest shake up in years

FIFA 17 promises the biggest shake up in years

The pre-release hype and promises revolving around groundbreaking new additions to FIFA are as predictable as a Daniel Sturridge injury or lack of title challenge from Arsenal. It’s difficult not to feel jaded and suspicious when the same old patterns repeat themselves. There’s only so many times you can sit there in genuine belief as someone tells you that upcoming changes are going to revolutionise an annual release.

Without wanting to indulge the marketing gimmicks too much, FIFA 17 does hold more potential than past releases when it comes to offering something that could realistically be considered significantly altered.

FIFA 17 promises the biggest shake up in years

For starters, the whole thing is being built upon the EA DICE developed Frostbite engine – the same framework upon which the likes of Mass Effect: Andromeda, Battlefield 1 and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst are created. Moving away from an engine dedicated solely to the building of football allows for a more diverse range of visual highlights to be created, opening the door to something that looks more like the real thing.

Interactions between players, for instance, are visibly more lifelike as individuals jostle and use their physical weight against one another. That canned look to animations that has plagued past FIFA releases is, therefore, less noticeable and many times less repetitive. Lighting, too, particularly evident when floodlights pierce heavy rain, is more dramatic, severe and provides a greater differentiation between what it’s like to play under skies that are either clear or dark.

Frostbite’s major facilitation, however, is the inclusion of a major new game mode: The Journey. Telling the story of young Alex Hunter, The Journey is a mode focused on exploring a narrative based around what it’s like to be a young player searching for their place in professional football. Essentially it’s an RPG-lite in which you make decisions that affect the direction of Hunter’s life and his personality off the pitch.

How you react to your manager, the press and teammates that double up as rivals for a place up front in the starting 11 inform how his footballing life progresses. Upon learning that you’re going to be sitting on the bench in the next match, for instance, you can react by trying to mentally unsettle the player chosen ahead of you or you can offer them congratulations and support for the good of the squad’s cohesion. Frostbite allows for the implementation of scenes that occur off the pitch, such as meetings in the manager’s office, dressing room conversations, post-match interviews and glimpses into Hunter’s personal life at home.

Frankly, the writing at this point comes across as crass and clichéd. Certainly, this a story closer to B-movie fodder than Cannes nominee. From the glimpse we’ve seen, characters feel shallow and their motivations and interpretations of events are, at best, childish. Then again, maybe this is designed as a satire on the kinds of cosy, privileged lives young Premier League footballers enjoy. Given that the names of Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford are touted as story consultants, however, the satire angle is probably a stretch.

Your evolution on the pitch is determined by the quality and nature of your performance. As in the existing Be A Pro mode you control only your player, with your impact on the game rated across a number of areas. If the game senses that you’re looking to pass more than shoot then your passing trait is going to advance more quickly and see you becoming a creator over a finisher. The combination of various traits inform what kind of footballer you become.

The Journey is the eye-catching inclusion, then, but it’s not the only difference separating this coming season from the last. New attacking options are headlined by an ability to perform a low, driven shot towards goal of the sort that characterises the finishes of Robert Lewandowski and, from further out, Xabi Alonso.

These are performed by hitting shoot as normal, followed by tapping the button again before the shot is taken. Helpfully, the system also applies to headers, allowing you to hit the ball down into the ground after successfully latching onto a corner or free kick. Other attacking options come in the form of quicker, longer throws from the keeper and the option of wrestling a defender for position so that you can bring a pass out of the air with foot or chest rather than opt always for a header.

Making use of these attacking techniques is helped by the promise of AI teammates that make more intelligent and varied runs towards goal and between defenders. Runners might look to curve their runs towards goal, or make one purely with the intent of drawing a defender out of position to allow someone else to take advantage of the space. Through balls and passes can also be curved so that you’ve a better chance of getting the ball into the feet of players looking to make these new kinds of runs into space.

Indeed, playing the game with a keen eye on interpreting what kind of impact these changes have on the moment-to-moment of a match reveals a game that feels as though it has the potential to move beyond what has been offered up until now. Our demo featured an unfinished edition of FIFA 17, so it’s impossible to judge accurately how the final product is going to turn out – but the promise is there.

Certainly, there seems to be scope for more variations of approach. For all EA Sports likes to claim that it provides a realistic simulation of football, FIFA has tended to opt for an overblown, almost comic version of football in which tricks, skills and outlandish shots take priority over all else. Thoughtful passes and an ability to predict what is going to happen in one or more moves time now feels more important.

Still, no matter what, it’s The Journey that much coverage and critique of FIFA 17 is invariably going to revolve around. Do FIFA players want a mode focused on storytelling over playing football? Whether the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’, at least EA Sports is prepared to risk asking the question. At the very least it will succeed in muting much of the annual criticism concerning the fact that so few meaningful changes occur year to year.