FIFA 17 Wishlist: Release Date and Key Features to Expect

There is no doubt FIFA 17 will be launched this year. EA SPORTS has already confirmed three major areas to be upgraded in the forthcoming game.

Speaking on 10th May during the company’s earnings call, CEO Andrew Wilson actually confirmed a major upgrade in immersion, personalization, and competition in the game’s next edition. However, Mr. Andrew did not confirm the exact date of the release but we speculate it to be around June as always been the tradition.

With the next game in the series almost guaranteed in June, there are those features you wish for that are still missing. It’s true the game has essentially advanced over the years since its burst 23 years ago, however, latest FIFAs 16, 15 and 14 are good games but not perfect. Here is a feature wishlist that every gamer would love to see in FIFA 17.

ATV Channel in the game

Sky Sports has introduced familiar faces like Alan Smith, Geoff Shreeves and Martin Tyler in the recent years and it’s time for EA SPORTS to move in the same line. FIFA 17 can be more realistic with the introduction of an in-game TV Channel that introduces you into the match, provides a brief analysis at half time and compressive highlights at full time. This could be a leap forward but the biggest challenge is the pre-recording lines that windbag the gamers quickly. However, the company can do even better by providing space for different versions of the lines.

A little more realism in time wasting

Time wasting while playing the computer in career mode is far from real in FIFA 16 and preceding editions. It’s even worse when you are playing against a far much weaker team and you can’t get back the ball in the last 15 minutes of play. In fact, what you can do is play the ball out as you tackle. The frustration moment happens in real life football when a team is down and opponent players are out to waste time, but it far from real if tiny strikers consistently defy several muscular tackles.

Improved celebrations

Although FIFA celebrations make a lot of fun, they don’t accurately depict real life. Modifying players’ celebrations is a beautifying change that will bring more life to the game. Alongside the current couple of players interacting and the customary corner flag celebrations, FIFA 17 should include more vigorous celebrations particularly on last minute goals. Players piling, patting one another, air ruffles and celebrating with the crowd are some of the inclusions gamers are dying to see in the next edition of the EA game.

Authentic managers

Every year the company does a great job: adding a new set of player likeness. However, improvisation of manager’s authenticity is one part it has not done much on. If EA can get licenses to include managers in FIFA 17, it would be fantastic. The fans would want to see real managers enter the technical area, shaking hands and racing up and down the touchline, not the usual bald headed old ghost-like men.

Improvised crowd animations

The crowd should be made more lively and eager. A Phenomenon of the crowd walking out of the stadium when their team is lagging behind with a big goal difference like 5-0 will not only be amazing but also realistic. The crowd should also be more enthusiastic and cheer every goal as well as react appropriately to every pass, goal kick and so on.

Additional leagues

Leagues like Ukrainian, Serbian, Finland, Romanian, Bulgarian, Czech and Croatian among other leagues should be part of the new FIFA 17. Besides, Brazilian and other South American leagues like Uruguayan, Venezuelan, Ecuadorian, and Bolivian are also necessary. Lastly, women and more of African leagues will be a huge step ahead for the amazing game.

FIFA 17 Release Date, Gameplay, System Requirements, Game Update, Price, Trailer

It has been months since FIFA 16 was released and FIFA 17 Rumors has already been helping us to paint a straight shooting picture of the upcoming instalment.

So, the question is what we can expect from EA Sports’ next version of FIFA. As of now, we are already getting some hint regarding the cover star of FIFA 17 and it may just be the bad news for Messi fan boys as according to the information, the star footballer of Barcelona may not renew his contact with EA Sports. Let’s check other details regarding the surprising FIFA 17 release date and gameplay.

Seeing the release date calendar of EA Sports, we can assume that FIFA 2017 will be coming out during September 22nd to September 25th in 2016. We already have wish list ready for FIFA 17 features and comparing to the last edition of FIFA game series, EA Sports FIFA 17 have lots of chances to improve when it comes to game play.

No one can deny that Konami has indeed come back with a bang with pro evolution soccer 2016 and gave FIFA 2016 a hard run for their money for the first time in a long time. Despite the fact Konami has made PES 2016 better in lot of ways comparing to EA Sports’ widely acclaimed football game series, we are still eagerly waiting for the FIFA 2017 Release Date. Let’s look into the information we already have regarding FIFA 17 system requirements and gameplay.

FIFA 17 Release Date: When is it coming out?

As we all know EA Sports has always come with the new version of the famous football game series 22nd September to 25th September of a year. So, FIFA 2017 release date will stay pretty much the same as the previous years. So, beside the fact when is FIFA 2017 is coming out, we can concentrate on the wish list and improved features of it. Let’s just look into FIFA 17 features and what was the lacking point of FIFA 2016 in terms of game play and graphics. As EA sports is facing a tough competition, they will definitely try to improve the FIFA 2017 game play in good many ways and we are already guessing that FIFA 17 system requirements will be higher than never before.

Release Date of FIFA 17: 22nd – 25th September, 2016

FIFA 17 Release Date

FIFA 17 Gameplay: What are the things we are expecting?

Competition in the world of football gaming wasn’t really dead, we can always agree with that fact at least after comparing the game play of PRO EVO 2016 and FIFA 16. Whether it is animation or passing, EA has lot of chances to make FIFA 2017 gameplay better comparing to previous edition. As we are going to spill the beans about FIFA 17 gameplay, let’s start the thing with passing.

Passing: Even an ardent fan of FIFA series will surely admit that there was indeed a strange delay when it comes to passing the ball in a quick moving match regarding the release of the ball. So, the first obvious thing we want in the gameplay of FIFA 17 is smooth passing.
Animation: The main thing of a game that actually makes it look and feel better is animation and we already have seen some engaging & fascinating animation added to Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, that doesn’t actually mean EA had done nothing in regard to FIFA 2017 but it doesn’t really feel different than the previous instalment. Overall, we are really expecting EA Sports to develop a more realistic, more engaging football game, when it comes to FIFA 2017.
Balanced Gameplay: Fair play in terms of speed has always been an issue since FIFA 11 and we gamers really want it to change. Most of the players always go for pacey wingers or centre forward as speed has always been a winning factor in a match. If we just simply look into FIFA Ultimate Teams, the undeniable fact is the players with great speed are always in demand, no matter how the other attributes are. So, just fix the speed that is all we want in FIFA 2017 Gameplay to play fair games.
FIFA 17 Game: Two Most Important Changes that EA Should Make

As we already mentioned some major improvements that EA should make while designing the gameplay of FIFA 2017 Game. Anyway, let’s look into some major flaws of FIFA 16 which helped Pro Evo 16 to come back into the rat race. Here check it out some major changes that we need to make FIFA 17 game a classy one.

Inclusion of Managers in the Game: Every year we see plenty of new players added to the FIFA series but why not managers. After all, the whole career mode of FIFA is all about managing your favourite teams and we will obviously like to feel the thrill of facing Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola or JurgenKlopp or pick any names. That would surely make the FIFA 2017 Game more thrilling and engaging.
The world of real football has always been entertained by sudden changes, unexpected players transfers and all. But in FIFA the game sacking of managers or transfer seasons is a bit unreal and we definitely want EA Sports to change that fact in FIFA 17 Game.
FIFA 2017 Release Date: All the Detailed Information

Every year EA introduces new instalment of FIFA to several gamin consoles within the few days of its release, i.e. Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and after all PC. If you are interested in FIFA 17 Release Date then mark this dates on your gaming calender right now!

FIFA 2017 PS4 Release Date: 22-25 September, 2016.
FIFA 17 Xbox 360 Release Date: 5-10 October, 2016.
FIFA 2017 Xbox One Release Date: 1-5 October, 2016.
FIFA 17 Game PC Release Date: 10-15 October, 2016.
FIFA 17 Game Update

News regarding the cover star of the upcoming FIFA edition is already in the air as the Barcelona star Lionel Messi gave a hint about not renewing the contact with EA Sports and after hearing the news the first name that should to our mind is Cristiano Ronaldo, but he’s already in contract with Konami for the cover of Pro Evolution Soccer. According to the recent news EA is in talk with James Rodríguez to make him the cover star of FIFA 2017.

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FIFA 17 Price:

Pretty excited about FIFA 17 are you? You don’t have for long. Following last year’s fantastic release, the stakes are higher this year. The game is going to be launched on September 22, 2016 and September 25, 2016. As of now we don’t have a price or anything related to the price, but surely, when the official price is announced, we’ll be the first one to update on it. But if we were to make a guess, then based on the previous prices, FIFA basic and deluxe version will cost around $69 and $79, respectively. For the official then, stay tuned.

FIFA 17 Trailer

EA Sports has yet to launch the official FIFA 17 Trailer yet. We will update the trailer right here after the official launch.

New Leagues in FIFA 17

This year’s most awaited game, FIFA 17 will feature some new leagues like Turkish PTT League, Israeli League and German 3rd League. Though there were some rumors earlier that were indicating towards an introduction of Chinese super league, the probability of getting it included in the world’s most popular soccer game is declining as some other leagues from the other sides of world are popping up through the votes of fans.

If we consider the votes of the fans of FIFA game, Turkish PTT league is on the top of the all, followed by Israeli and German league. Apart from these top three, fans have included some other not so famous leagues like Hungarian League, Egyptian League, Mexican 2nd League, Spanish 3rd League, Guatemala League, Thai League and Romanian League.

Rumors are surging up from the different parts of the world and there is absolutely no clue behind those rumors. Have a look on the below table on the basis of the fan’s voting. Already more than 4 lacs fans have casted their votes and have chosen their favourite leagues and which leagues they wanted to see in the next FIFA game.

Wrap Up

So, just be with us to get the further official update regarding FIFA 17 Release Date, Gameplay, Features, Ultimate Teams and Requirements. Stay tuned to our site FIFA 17 Update for latest news regarding this huge upcoming game of 2016!

FIFA 17 Wishlist: 10 Things That Must Be Included

It’s almost 23 years since the FIFA series burst into our homes and started to wreck our social lives you know. We wouldn’t have it any other way though, would we?

FIFA 17 Wishlist

You don’t need me to tell you that the series has come a long way from the days of FIFA International Soccer, but while the progression shown in various areas of the title has made it the undisputed King of football video games, it has also taken us in some unexpected directions that have proven to be game changers. I think I’m safe in saying nobody saw Ultimate Team coming and look at the behemoth that has gone on to become over the last few years.

We’re at the stage now where the majority of the basic features of a FIFA game are perfect, it’s all about the fine tuning and luxuries those boffins at EA Sports give us now.

As the years have gone on, the list of things us gamers have had to complain about the FIFA titles have dwindled as we’ve marvelled at the intricacies that have been given to us. That being said, as good as FIFAs 14, 15 and 16 were, they still aren’t the perfect game.

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