FIFA 15 and Gary Busey Make a Strange Baby

Somewhere deep in the dark recesses of the gaming world there’s a small sect of people. Where most of us who are given a deep character creation system spend hours trying to recreate accurate representations of ourselves, some try to recreate characters. Everything from TV show creations to famous faces of the music industry have been recreated in such titles as Fight Night Champion along with many others. This time it appears that it was the turn of two stalwarts of western culture: Gary Busey and FIFA 15.

Posted on imgur by user geraldauss, the Under Siege star looks a little worse for wear. The eyes look a little too angry and the teeth are not as prominent as on the actor’s actual grill. When you look at the shot below and then the shot above though, it all makes a little too much sense. Created in the Be A Pro segment of FIFA 15, there’s something hauntingly terrifying about this strange genetic amalgamation.

gary busey fifa 1

The world is no stranger to celebrities of film and television making their way into gaming media. Last year’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare featured Kevin Spacey in a prominent and well acted role, backed up in upcoming DLC by John Malkovich himself. This appearance isn’t a licensed one to generate some extra cash though. It’s simply the creation of one person who loved Gary Busey so much, they wanted to have him running around on a grassy field with a bunch of highly-paid soccer stars in FIFA 15.

Good idea or bad idea? We don’t honestly know.


What are you favorite fan recreations of popular celebrities? What about the star turn in a game which gives you a little faith back in the whole idea of cross-media appearances. Let us know in the comments down below.

Now will someone please make Steven Seagal in FIFA 15 so we can see who is the best at smashing some balls.

FIFA 15 January Upgrades: 5 Players Who Deserve Upgrades!

Next week marks the beginning of FIFA 15 January winter upgrades. EA Sports FIFA has shocked us all with the World XI Team of the Year (TOTY), featuring the very first ever 99 rated player, Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition to that unreal squad, EA released the first batch of winter transfers a whole week in advance. What could be next?

January upgrades of course! With in-form players, such as Alexis Sanchez and Diego Costa, who else could be deserving of an upgrade come February? Here, we look at the five players who deserve to get upgraded. Now, the list is not exhaustive and may not represent all the top players deserving of a rating increase.


Honorable Mention

Cesar Azpilicueta – 79 to 81


Why is Chelsea’s Mr. Versatile only rated 79 on FIFA? You don’t get called the best defender in the Premier League by Jamie Carragher for no good reason.
Azpilicueta has become one of the leading full backs in the world after a less than high profile move to Chelsea back in 2012. Even though he plays most of his football at left back, this right footer still consistently gets 8 out of 10 match rating each week. The 25-year-old has also made 10 international caps for Spain since his debut in 2013

If he continues the sort of form he has shown for Chelsea, Marseille and Osasuna, Azpilicueta is set for a long career at the top and could potentially go down as one of the most decorated players in Premier League history.

FIFA 15: 25 Teenage Wonderkids You Must Sign

Want to be a top manager on FIFA 15’s career mode? Well, here’s a little secret, the further you plan into the future, the fuller your trophy cabinet will be.

Joe Giddens/EMPICS Sport

You’ll be able to look back on your career while your grandson is playing on the PS12 or Xbox Nine safe in the knowledge that young whippersnapper will never be able to match your achievements. (Because you looked at this list and the chances are he won’t.)

Don’t think this approach is true? Let’s look at the best the real-life club game has ever seen, Sir Alex Ferguson.

The thing that made his club successful over his 27-years at the helm was the fact that he knew when to get rid of the older players and blood the promising youngsters he had at his disposal.

The likes of Ince and Kanchelskis was replaced by Messrs Butt, Beckham, Neville and Scholes. And when they were done, the likes of Rooney and Ronaldo took their place. It’s the circle of football life.

Now if you chose to be a club in a nation’s top division, the chances are you’ll already have a solid enough first XI with a series of uninspiring youngsters in reserve.
Why not ditch those no hopers and spend whatever transfer kitty you are given on the future of the game. The future that you’ll be able to nurture and reap the rewards from.

Here are 25 teenage wonderkids that you must sign on FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TotY Goalkeepers and Defenders Released

It is that time of the year, when EA Sports releasing the Team of the Year event for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, their mobile application for everything related to the FIFA world and video games. Now, the studio has released the goalkeepers and defenders within the app, allowing everyone the chance at grabbing the 15 rare cards before they are removed from the app on Wednesday.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TotY Goalkeepers and Defenders Released

This year, the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team of the Year will offer the very best defender and goalkeeper rating since the game has been released. German goalie, Manuel Neuer, has been rated at a 96. Neuer, for those who know him is, is an unstoppable force when it comes to prevent those well-timed shots from other players. According to Full Fifa, not even Messi or Ronaldo have been able to break through his defense on the field. That’s rather impressive.

As for the other defenders available now within FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, former German captain, Phillip Lahm, is the highest rated defender available within FIFA with a rating of 95. Lahm is joined by Sergio Ramos and Thiago Silva, the two players have ratings of 94 and 93, respectively. Next, David Luiz, with a rating of 89, is joining the Team of the Year releases. Players have been criticizing that Luiz was the odd man, as there were plenty of other options available for the developer to choose from in this release.

However, there shouldn’t be too much time to complain about the player choices, as these are completely limited. Anyone who wants to get their hands on any of these defenders or goalkeepers should do so now. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team continues to be one of the highest rated applications on mobile devices, so be sure to download your own if you are even a tiny bit interesting in the world of football.

FIFA 15 Demo Impressions: Thoughts On The Much-Improved Gameplay And Team Management

The FIFA 15 demo is very impressive. Though I’m always wary of the changes (or lack thereof) between sports titles from one year to the next, the core gameplay is very clearly improved this time around compared to the last iteration of EA’s series.

Our Brief Guide To Jumping Into Destiny
My expectations admittedly were not too high given the lackluster changes from FIFA 13 to FIFA 14–I happen to think the game mechanics got worse last year. First touches and player control were poor, and the overall pace of the game felt off. I was curious what FIFA 15 would be like on PlayStation 4 going into the demo, but not expecting major changes and was pleasantly surprised.

The players’ general control of the ball is much improved over FIFA 14, and the ball itself feels much better at your feet. It’s hard to fully appreciate the difference without playing it yourself (I recommend downloading the demo if you can), but it’s certainly more natural and the weight of the ball is spot on. You can watch a particularly slick highlight I pulled off on World Class difficulty in the video below.

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What’s more, the tackling and passing both benefit from the new system. If a player is not in a perfect position to pull off the pass as you command, they’ll still flick the ball realistically with any part of their foot while intelligently trying to put it between opposing players. FIFA 14 players too often passed it away to the opposition in situations where a real professional footballer never would, and the new organic style emulates the real game much more closely. Trying to win the ball off the other team echoes these mechanics, as players will get a toe in to pick the ball off an opponent any way possible, or use their bodies to shield the ball in ways you simply did not see in the past games.

The goalkeepers–lauded by EA Sports as completely redesigned and more intelligent–certainly play more like real keepers, though I will say I’ve seen a couple of fluke goals. Low shots at the post seem particularly difficult for the AI to cope with, but the same could be said for reality. Placing shots allows more finesse than before, which makes it all the more difficult for the keepers to come up with a save.
It also seems that players look and behave more like their real-life counterparts, particularly the way they dribble. Diego Costa and Andre Schurrle dribble in their clumsy-looking-yet-effective manners, and virtual David Luiz steps forward into a tackle just like the real thing. His curly locks, it must be said, also bob around with frightening realism. I’m willing to admit the play styles and behaviors could possibly be me seeing what I expect out of these players, but I genuinely think it’s at least closer than in the past.

Gameplay mechanics aside, the demo still shows off a number of improvements despite being very limited in scope. The graphics aren’t improved too greatly, but the vaunted player faces do look more like the real thing, and the damaged pitch feature is a nice touch. Sliding and running will make marks in the surface, and the individual blades of grass are noticeable and fold under players’ feet.

The best non-gameplay upgrade is probably to the team management and tactics screen, which is a godsend compared to the menus in the past. You no longer have to scroll through a stacked list of names, but can instead just flick through your formation in any direction. Additionally, pressing one button on a player brings up a list of the appropriate subs, so you can make a choice quickly. You can also drag a player around the pitch diagram to adjust his placement in the formation without diving into multiple submenus and having to save that tactics profile.

There’s plenty in FIFA 15 that cannot be addressed in the demo, unfortunately, but what is there is very promising. To me, it’s the largest leap in presentation, ease-of-use, and core gameplay mechanics all at once in years, and I have no problem saying I enjoy playing the demo quite a bit. Playing the matches, even with no long-term stakes and offline only, is simply a lot of fun. I did not go into the experience expecting it to play that differently from last year’s game, but it seems the developers have paid attention to small but important details–I’m hopeful the full game is as pleasantly surprising.

FIFA 15 Leagues And Teams List: EA Sports Confirms Full Selection Of Playable Clubs From Around The World

EA Sports has compiled a complete list of all the clubs and leagues we’ll be seeing in FIFA 15, a wide selection encompassing 600 clubs across 35 licensed leagues.

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We’ve written about how the gameplay is superior to last year’s effort (as far as we can tell from the demo) and the new features that are coming to Ultimate Team and other modes, so it’s helpful to take this step back and look at the collection of clubs you can actually play as in FIFA 15.
The announcement of the Turkish Super Lig’s presence was a victory for fans, who had been requesting its addition for years, but which other leagues will be joining them? The full list–which includes each club name, the ‘rest of world’ section of teams, and international squads–can be found here, while the leagues are all posted below.
Read About And Listen To The FIFA 15 Soundtrack Here
It should be noted that not every team from each league is represented, and in some cases FIFA 15 only has the player and team names without the rights to the official crests or kits.
Hyundai A-League
K LEAGUE Classic
Abdul Latif Jameel League
Austria Bundesliga
Belgium Pro League
Barclays Premier League
Football League Championship
Football League 1
Football League 2
Ligue 1
Ligue 2
Bundesliga 2
TIM Serie A
Serie B
T-Mobile Ekstraklasa
Primeira Liga
SSE Airtricity League
Sogaz Russian Football Championship
Scottish Premiership
Liga Adelante
Raiffeisen Super League
Super Lig
LIGA Bancomer MX
Major League Soccer
Primera División (Argentina)
Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank
Liga Postobón

FIFA 15 Vs PES 15: Which Title Turns Out To Be Superior?

Konami’s PES and EA Sports’ FIFA have been close rivals to each other since a long time now. Presently, FIFA 15 excels in many key aspects. It’s amazing and detailed presentation stands above all. The moment you launch the game and hit the menus, you start noticing the finesse and the level of detail of this wondering title.

The menu and game modes are quite easy to be navigating through and at the same time, the user interface is exceedingly simple in nature. Konami is now trying to duplicate this feature and introduce it in their latest titles. The Player Screen of PES 2015 is certainly a step in the right direction, with a traditional touch. It includes the latest tabs system which should be further appreciated by modern gamers.

However, if you are talking on a core presentation standpoint, FIFA 15 simply blows away beats PES 2015. In the commentary aspect, PES 2015 is greatly flawed while FIFA 15 still suffers from the repetitive nature of the Taylor & Smith commentary duo. However, it’s significantly better than the disturbing Beglin and Champion double act who read their lines without paying a shred of attention to what’s occurring on the field. In some cases, they even contradicted each other. FIFA 15 also triumphs over the dotted line system used for set plays in Konami’s PES 2015. Presently, FIFA 15 also looks great with a more refined TV-category experience.

In FIFA 15, the stadium looks breathtaking at night during the close-up player shots also look amazing. Konami’s PES 2015 is the most furnished title produced by the developer so far but FIFA 15 triumphs over it, in all aspects. Konami is gradually improving, but EA is the sole winner for now.

The last decade hasn’t been forgiving for Pro Evolution Soccer. At one time, it was known as the purest experience one could achieve in modern day virtual football. The franchise also suffered a lot of setbacks when it was finally launched for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. At the same time, FIFA has been greatly improving, evolving and enhancing the gamer’s experience over time.

Some critics have now declared that the slight changes and improvements on the game’s physics engine in FIFA resulted ultimately in a rather poor experience for gamers. Like an enemy waiting to pounce, PES rekindled their old magic and launched 2015’s best soccer experience title.

It seems like gamers are considerably enjoying the excellent, crisp and rapid pass system featured in PES 2015. The hardcore fans will like it as the game’s passing mechanics requires a gradual learning curve.

What do you prefer, PES 2015 or FIFA 2015? Let us know in your comments below!

FIFA 15: 15 New Legends Ratings Predictions

The woes of Playstation owners who play FIFA look to be mounting as EA Sports announced last week that 15 new Legends would be introduced to FIFA 15. These historical powerhouses of the beautiful game will be added to the already-ample roster of 42 Legends from FIFA 14, available exclusively to Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamers.

The notion of a team spear-headed by the combo of Pelé and Messi with service from Iniesta and Gheorghe Hagi is part of the reason virtual football can be so much more entertaining than the real thing; a cross-generational team of this nature is only possible thanks to FIFA Ultimate Teams’ inclusion of Legends.

EA Sports

Though there are still several notable absentees from FIFA 15’s roster of Legends such as Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane and Brazil’s Ronaldo, the 15 new players all improve an already excellent Xbox exclusive. One question which now needs answering is how these new Legends’ ratings will compare to those of the other Legends returning from FIFA 14. Of course we won’t definitively know the answer to this until the game is finally released next month, but it is always fun to speculate.
The dazzling gold-and-white Legend cards are some of the highest rated players in the game with the highest rated – Pele (95) – being even better than Lionel Messi. Here’s our prediction of how the 15 new Legendary players will be rated:

“Lightning in a Bottle” A mini-guide to today’s FUT 15 FUTMAS pack promotion

As many know, today’s FUT 15 FUTMAS promotion finale will consist of one of the few user-liked pack promotions of the year. Four (4) “Lightning Rounds” of packs will be released every two hours, and instead of having a set limit on the amount of packs you can buy, it’s “first come, first served,” meaning, when one of the rounds is, for instance, the sometimes heralded “100k Jumbo Player Pack,” you realistically could open up ten or more of these packs. At no other time during the year (except a possible Lightning Round repeat promotion much later in the season) can one buy more than two (but usually one) 100k gold player jumbo pack.

FUT 15 FUTMAS 25k Rare Gold & 15k Pack Offer (Day 15) - FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

There are a few reasons why today could actually be a fun day to open packs:

For those making YouTube videos or streaming live on Twitch, opening a bunch of the “best of the best” FUT packs that EA has to offer will most surely create a buzz-worthy attraction
For those “packaholics” that open packs year round, hoping to land a top name like Messi or Renaldo, you will have no better chance, at least odds-wise, than today
This week’s Team of the Week (TOTW) is extremely Premier League heavy. If EPL in-forms (such as Wayne Rooney, Hugo Lloris, or the more-than-bizarre Ashley Young fullback card) tickle your fancy, there is a decent chance you will land one or more of them today in the Jumbo Pack lightning round
If you do want to splurge on FUT packs today, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Of the four rounds, only one is usually the 100k pack offering we’ve spoke about. Make sure to pass on any other type of packs if your endgame is to open the Gold Player Jumbos. These packs, while by no means good investments on the whole, are the best type of packs that EA offers. While many feel these are “the best of the worst,” they can be exciting at times, and when you open several, its not rare to see some packs with multiple in-forms
If your plan is to try and open as many of the 100k packs as possible, DON’T SPEND TIME LOOKING OVER THE PACK CONTENTS SLOWLY! There are a limited number available, so open the pack, send all the cards to your club, and then head to the next pack to open. There will be time to review your “hits” when the pack is sold out five minutes later!
Get FIFA points/coins ahead of time, so you’re not cutting it close by leaving this to the last minute
And finally, some “big picture” words of wisdom!!

The most coveted of all FUT cards, the extreme-upgrade blue Team of the Year cards will be out in the next few weeks. If there ever was a time to save up your hard earned money and open packs, it is when the TOTY cards can be packed.
There WILL be a “market crash” of a decent size deriving from today’s pack offerings. While many will be tempted to pick up some coveted players at reduced prices, remember- the BIG crash will soon follow- when the aforementioned TOTY content drops. Wait until then to see REAL rock bottom pricing.
Packs, on the whole, are never sure-things, and on average you won’t come close to reaching an ROI of the coin price of the pack, and that applies to ALL packs, even the attractive “100k Jumbos.” Have fun with the promotion finale today. Make sure if you’re going to open a lot of packs, that you have extra money to spend, and that you can afford “losing” if the pack contents don’t pan out like you wish they would have. If you’re spending rent, food, or utility bill money on these packs, well you need to contact Gambler’s Anonymous at And while most will get a chuckle out of this, the reality is, this IS a form of legalized gambling to some degree, and I personally know more than few people that have put themselves in difficult money situations by chasing the top valued players by opening packs excessively. And just remember- just like in any casino- “The House” ALWAYS wins. Have a great 2015 everyone!!

Get Ready for the Best FIFA 15 January Upgrades!

January is a highly anticipated time for FIFA 15 players all across the globe. Start your countdown, because at the end of January EA will release the first of the FIFA 15 January upgrades. The developer will upgrade the players that they deem to be worthy of improvement, just like they do every year and following on from events that transpire in the real European Transfer window.

Below we will show some specific player upgrades that EA could look at, based on performances this season. Two players expected to receive a boost is Argentinian teammates Sergio Aguero and Carlos Tevez. Both men have been in excellent form, and Tevez almost certainly will receive an upgrade considering he has two in form cards currently.


FUT 15 players will tell you that in-form cards at this stage of the season is impressive, and it is a clear-cut sign that the player will get an upgrade with a brand new rating. Above is depicted Aguero’s potential new rating, which reflects his in-form ratings.

Two other players likely to receive an upgrade are the likes of Chelsea’s Gary Cahill and Nemanja Matic. Chelsea’s Nemanja Matic started at an 82 rating when FIFA 15 launched and most feel he was underrated. His new predicted rating is 84, and the other Chelsea player is Gary Cahill moving from an 81 to 83 predicted rating after the winter upgrade expected at the end of January.


All updates will be located in the FIFA FUT Database.